What To Look For In A Funeral Home

Burying a loved one is perhaps life’s most difficult task. Being faced with a wide range of decisions concerning how the services should proceed can feel like an overwhelming task in this time of need. Before you fight through the process with no clear action plan do research to better understand the steps you need to take.

Picking the right funeral home can help the process flow smoothly. Compassionate, insightful funeral directors can point you in the right direction during this sometimes uncomfortable experience.

Keep these 5 things in mind before choosing a funeral home.

Demand a Good Reputation

Most local funeral homes depend on having a good reputation within the community to grow a prospering business.  Good funeral homes work with families to provide a tailored experience depending entirely on the needs of the family. Once a home has a reputation for providing caring, compassionate service to families going through difficult times more individuals will look to them for their memorial services and tributes.


Convenience plays a chief role in selecting a funeral home. Friends and family typically won’t be able to travel long distances to services. Pick a location closest to the majority of family members and friends to lessen travels. Speak to fellow family members to figure out who’ll be attending the ceremony so you can decide upon a central location.


Look for a clean, orderly environment. Professional, reputable funeral homes portray a positive image by establishing a neat-looking business. Do you note a carefully-manicured lawn space?  Does the interior of the home look orderly? Look for a well-maintained business.


Size may play a factor in the funeral home you choose depending on how many people you believe will attend the service. Popular people or individuals with large families may need a spacious home with ample parking.  Ask if there’s a private area for family members to gather both before and after the service. Some homes offer an area for small children to play during the day.

Climate control and sufficient lighting are 2 other factors to keep in mind. Visitors should feel comfortable year round. Although most funeral homes use minimal lighting to mirror the general mood you need ample lighting for the event.  Make sure the home provides you with enough chairs so all guests can sit if they choose to do so.

Helpful Director

The funeral home director should be knowledgeable, compassionate and helpful enough to make a positive impression on you. Make sure that you resonate with the director since they will be your primary point of contact throughout the proceedings. Since your thoughts may be in other places during the service it helps to have a director guide you through the ceremony.  Helpful directors ask questions to customize the experience. If you encounter someone who is quick to explain what should be done cross the home off of your list to make room for a caring and accommodating director.

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