Yangon: An Exotic Luxury Tourist Destination

Yangon was originally a small fishing village known as Dagon up until 1755 when the name was changed to its current name by King Alaunpaya. However, it is now the largest city in Myanmar and it is home to over 5 million people. The name Yangon can be roughly translated to “the end of strife” or “enemies run out”. Yangon has seen huge investment by both locals and foreign investors, especially since the country opened its doors to welcome tourists as a result of fewer travel restrictions by the new government. Although it is no longer the capital of Myanmar, the number of luxury hotels in Yangon has been increasing rapidly in the past few years due to the huge infrastructural investment in resorts, spas, luxury hotels and restaurants which mainly target the rapidly growing number of tourists visiting Myanmar to explore and enjoy its unmatched beauty, unique culture, rich history.

Yangon as an important Tourist, Political and commercial center in Myanmar

Although the capital of Yangon was moved to Naypydaw in 2006, Yangon is still the most important political and commercial center in the country. The friendly locals, lakes, gleaming pagodas, parks and vibrant street life make Yangon a huge tourist attraction and the starting off point before venturing elsewhere in this wonderful country.

Various companies and individual investors have realized that huge potential in tourist related businesses, especially luxury hotels and are actively seeking viable investments in Yangon and Myanmar at large. Moreover, the airline industry in the larger Myanmar has been growing quite fast with Yangon International Airport having the biggest number of visitors from the total 4 million visitors who landed in the 49 airports in Myanmar.

Luxurious Hotels

There are several Luxury hotels in Yangon that are designed to deliver the finest in relaxation and luxury. Some of the luxurious hotels in Yangon include: The Strand which is a colonial mansion which was built in 1901 along River Yangon. It offers excellent facilities and hospitality.

On the other hand, the Kandawgyi Palace Hotel is another luxury hotel on Lake Kandawgyi that offers stunning views of the Shwedagon Pagoda. This world renowned spectacular gold encrusted pagoda is also commonly known as Golden pagoda. This 325 foot structure is Myanmar’s religious symbol and the most famous landmark in Yangon. As the majestic rays of the evening sun land on the gold leaf covered surface, the structure takes on a breathtaking shimmering appearance. The charming Shwedagon pagoda is the most adored, place of prayer for Buddhists all over the world.

The Governor’s Residence is another luxury hotel that is located in the convenient wooded embassy area. Besides having a convenient location, it offers superb services and modern amenities.

The Savoy hotel is centrally located within easy reach of most business addresses and tourist attractions in Yangon. Besides enjoying the modern amenities, you will also find the tranquil atmosphere and convenient location pleasurable.

If you are visiting Yangon, you surely want a comfortable and luxurious visit. Your comfort during the visit mainly depends on the hotel you will be staying in. Therefore, it is important to know exactly what the luxury hotels in Yangon offer and their location in order to settle for the most convenient luxury hotel that suits your preferences and needs.

John Chen is a travel writer currently located in Bangkok, Thailand. He likes writing about Thailand and South East Asia, and he writes not only about traveling in Thailand, but also about business, culture, education economy and food.