How A Great Top Can Transform An Outfit

A well-chosen top can make a huge impact or provide subtle accentuation depending on the occasion. With the ability to make or break an outfit, women’s tops come in a mind-boggling array of styles, offering something for everyone.

Tips for choosing the Right Top

  • Before trawling around the high street, have a think about what will be appropriate for the occasion in question. A formal engagement will call for something subtle, understated and sophisticated, whereas a casual occasion allows more freedom. In this instance it’s possible to make a statement by going for bright prints, slogans or edgy designs.
  • Another important consideration is budget and there’s little point shopping for clothes which are unattainable. Thankfully there are plenty of options when it comes to cheap tops for women, which are usually available in almost every shop.
  • Whatever the reason for buying a new top, comfort is key so only shortlist items you are happy wearing and feel good in. This guarantees you will be more comfortable and increases the likelihood of you wearing it more than once.
  • If you are hunting for a staple piece, carefully consider the rest of your wardrobe as the chosen top will need to co-ordinate with other pieces. Also think about your personal style as this has a big bearing on the decision.
  • The items already occupying hanging space will help provide focus and for example if you wear leggings a lot, tunic tops will be a safe bet, whereas fitted t-shirts work well with jeans. Workwear may dictate a need for smarter pieces in more neutral colours.
  • The same goes for accessories as these will need to match any potential new buy. If your jewellery, shoes and bags are statement pieces, they can look good with plainer tops and vice versa.
  • Try not to be a slave to fashion. Popular styles come and go, so it’s more important to choose tops which flatter your body shape and suit your personality.
  • With weather often being an unpredictable force, tops which can be worn multiple ways are a huge bonus. Opt for t-shirts or tunics which can be layered, either with a top underneath or a cardigan over the top when it’s chilly. This makes them really flexible and appropriate at any time of the year.
  • If you find the perfect top at the right price, consider buying it in another colour or style, or even an exact duplicate. Once it’s gone you could regret not snapping up a great buy!

When shopping for cheap tops for women a little bit of time, effort and attention can bring great results. If you don’t have time to trek around the shops, online shopping can be a brilliant way to see what’s available at a glance, offering the opportunity to compare prices and reducing disappointment if your size is not available. Whether you shop on the high street or via the internet, try not to rely on impulse buys as these can be a source of regret. Instead follow your heart, be savvy and have fun choosing a great top to take pride of place amongst other top buys!

Alice Aires has a keen interest in fashion and has seen her work included across a range of style websites and blogs. Having experienced elements of fashion design and being somewhat of an expert in hot cheap tops for women, she moved onto freelance writing and now enjoys the freedom to follow her own career path.