How to Do Minimalistic and Simplistic Wedding

Simplistic Wedding

If you want to earn money then you have to do a job. If you want to earn a lot of money then you have to save and invest in other businesses while doing your job. These days everyone wants to save money because unnecessary expenses are waste and going to give nothing except stuff that you can’t handle later or you would not care about.

In India, when you are doing a wedding, you have to have a deep pocket because a wedding in India costs lots of money. Though it costs also and people also like to spend. But these days couples want to save money, and they also are opting for a minimalistic wedding too where they don’t need to spend much money and as the wedding they want, gets done. So a minimalistic wedding is one of the good options if you want to save money. But don’t think that these weddings only those do who have budget problems. No, this is not the case. It is for those who do not believe in spending unnecessary money.

Hence you must be wondering what you need to do for doing this mini wedding or how you can save much money in it and how it is beneficial than usual weddings where not wanting it, your money gets spent. Here is how to do a minimalistic wedding.

 Guestlist: first of all you decide the guest list, and decide it properly. Write the names of only those guests whom you want to invite, not unnecessary extra people that can cost you much per plate. Don’t mind it but it is the case. So it is advised you make the guest list of only those guests whom you want to invite. Nothing should be extra in it.

Wedding attire: when you buy wedding attires whether for groom or bride, don’t buy it costly and heavy. Just spend on something that looks good and not much costly. Reasonable its price should be. You can also take it on rent if you want to, and we want to tell you, taking on rent is the best option. Make sure you buy an ethnic attire for your wedding that complements your Indian bridal makeup perfectly.

Wedding venue: when you select a venue for your wedding, select a small farmhouse or a small lawn. If you have then it is better, and if you don’t have then contact your friends if they have or their other friends. If they have then borrow it. Just try to book a small area wedding venue according to your guest list.

Wedding ceremonies: Try to do your all wedding ceremonies at home or if you are doing in your rented wedding location then try to do it all a single day provided you don’t have to pay for extra money for the extra days. All wedding ceremonies in a single day and the next day your wedding takes place. This way your wedding event gets finished in two days and you don’t have to pay for seven days long schedule.


when you select food, the dishes you are selecting should be the only ones that you want to have in your wedding rather than having multiple cuisine options and other varieties of food. Because no one could taste all the varieties of food, and having unnecessary food is utter waste. 


Though there should not be any compromise in it but if you are having minimalistic wedding then only a single photographer would work rather than having a team. And avoid pre and post-wedding photography. Top wedding photographers in Bangalore are available that you can hire if your wedding is going to take place there.

So these are all the things that you have to do, broad things, if you want to go for a simplistic and minimalistic wedding. Go with this idea and it is pretty much possible that you would save a lot amount of money. Besides all this, if you are looking for any online wedding market, then you can book from Shaadidukaan, which is one of the best and trusted online wedding markets in India.