The Fashion Destinations Around Turkey

Ottoman inspired fashion is fast gaining a foothold not only in Turkey but also globally. With major textiles companies located in Turkey and neighboring countries, it is not hard to get the latest high end fashion trends. Fashion companies also prefer Turkish cities because of its ease in accessibility and huge turn-around of local and international visitors. Here are the main fashion destination cities in the country.


The Turkish capital is arguably the Centre of culture and fashion in the Middle East. The traditional bustle gave to emergence and enthralling fashion because of huge presence of multinational fashion items designers. The streets of Istanbul features fashion works of great designers such as Alexandra Ivanoff, a New York Ottoman designer;, Chalayan Huissein, a Turkish Cyptriot designer;, and collections of Kutoglu Atil. Collections in Istanbul range widely and clients can expect to get anything from sports, cocktail party designs, and wedding models that are truly enthralling.
As a fashion destination hub, Istanbul is growing fast because of many researchers and designers who are always coming up with new models. Whether you are in New York or the Far East, rest assured that Istanbul does not rest and it always have new and better things. It is because of this that no one comes to Istanbul and fails to plan for later trips.


Ankara is the second largest city in turkey and is becoming a must visit for tourists coming to the country. Its special connection to history with facilities such as the Temple of Augustus and Rome as well as the Roman Baths of Ankara, have attracted fashion enthusiasts who want association with culture. Visitors enjoy designer bags, designer clothing designer shoes, and ornaments. These selections have become a must get for visitors who want to demonstrate having visited the country to visitors back home.


Izmil is a city with a history of over 3500 years and an icon in Turkey fashion trend. Because of city’s picturesque sceneries facing the Sea, lovely theatres, and beaches, major fashion competitions are held in this important city. Men, children, and women fashion clothing designed by Armani, Fred Perry, Burberry, and Ralph Lauren are evident in every corner of the city and mall. Clients are sure of getting fashion products they have not heard before and enjoy the history of the nation.


This city is fast emerging as a fashion icon to reckon with because of modern architectural models. Many fashion companies prefer the city for catwalks competitions and fashion complements. Unlike other cities, Bursa appears to have a ready population that is waiting to uptake the winning trend. From modern designs in clothing to shoes, clients can expect to get them in shelves within a few days of appearing in shows.


When visitors get Turkey Visa, Andana clicks first in their minds because of being a fashion destination. Fashion designers prefer Andana when they want to attract many clients since cost of designer accessories, designer Jewellery, designer bags, designer clothing, and bags remains relatively low. Designers are sure of making huge sales and opening great opportunities to win a huge proportion of market. Whether you are a learner or a tourist in the city, simply check the fashion events calendar for Andana and you truly enjoy.