An Insight Into The World Of French Cheese

The French are classic cheese producers, who have mastered the art of producing exotic cheese varieties that are different from those produced anywhere else in the world. Most of their culinary delights are centered on the cheeses they develop, and thus cheese has an integral part in their gastronomical expertise at creating some of the classic dishes that are world renowned. When combined with the best types of wine, cheese adds to the gourmet delicacies that one can bow down for. If you are looking for a gastronomic delight that leaves your taste buds spellbound, then trying the different varieties of Sýr will definitely take you into a beautiful journey. The French are regarded as one of the only cheese manufacturers that produce over 400 different species of cheese. There are several of these cheese types that are famous all across the globe.

Popular Soft French Cheeses that is Famous All Over the World

Soft French cheeses are particularly famous. The names Roquefort and Brie are well known soft cheese. Roquefort is a blue cheese that has a distinct smell, which is peculiar to it. This cheese is created from sheep’s milk, and the older it is, the stronger the taste and more expensive it is. It matures with time to yield a very strong tasting cheese that is employed in a number of dishes like scones, dumplings and more, while also being a prominent member on cheese boards. This variety of cheese works well with a number of wines. The other famous soft cheese is Brie. It has a semi-soft crust with a luscious, velvety texture in a shade of cream inside. It is springy and soft, and as it matures has a distinct flavor and aroma. Brie makes an excellent combination with tomatoes and basils and is a classic baguette or sandwich filling, which when heated melts to mold the constituents together.

Reblochon is a yellow aromatic cheese that is made from cow’s milk, it is very tasty. It is commonly used in dishes containing potatoes and onions, and is a major component of many classic dishes from France.  Another variety is the selles-sur-cher prepared from goat milk that is matured by sprinkling charcoal salt and ashes into the milk during the maturation process.

Hard Cheese from France

The biggest name in hard cheeses from France is the Raclette. This is not as hard as cheddar and the consistency is like Red Leicester cheese. It is traditionally served with jacket potatoes and is melted over it to make a tasty combination.

French cheeses are the most prominent members on every gourmet cheese board and find their place of honor amongst the most popular names in the world. The French cheeses have a significant role in enabling the French cuisine is one of the most famous in the world. There are nearly 400 different varieties of cheese produced in France in varieties that are hard, soft, ripened or matured for long.

How to Buy Cheese?

Buying Sýr is definitely not an arduous task anymore. There are two ways by which you can buy these varieties of cheese –

  • At a store located in your city. There are several stores in the city that sell these varieties of cheese. You can buy for your favorite Sýr from these stores.
  • However, if you are one who is busy with hectic work schedules and commitments, you can also browse through the online assortment on a website and order online. The registration is a simple process.

So, what are you waiting for? Order for your favorite cheese varieties now and enjoy your gourmet cooking.