Keeping Your Family Safe from Earwigs and Ants is Simple

Pests can be found in expensive homes and cheap motel rooms alike. They are equal opportunity invaders that operate on a basic instinctual level. Fortunately, you can keep your family safe from pests, like earwigs and ants, by using these simple steps.
Embrace Dry Space 
Earwigs are a common pest that will actively seek out cool, damp areas as places of emergency refuge. This often leads them to invade your house to find proper nesting areas. You can make your house less appealing to earwigs by maintaining a dry perimeter around your foundation. Keep the ground dry in a 6-inch to 12-inch perimeter around the foundation of your home to deter earwigs from venturing too close.
Call in a Professional
You can’t prepare for every pest-related eventuality. The only way to give your home the most complete guarantee of protection is to call in a pest control professional. Contacting a local pest control professional and scheduling a visit will provide your home with a powerful barrier of protection against pests while patching the gaps in the pest protection measures you’ve implemented yourself.
Clean up Your Yard
Maintaining a perimeter of dry ground around your home’s foundation is the last barrier of earwig protection that should be implemented on your property. The first protective measure you should implement is the removal of debris from your yard. Earwigs will seek out damp, cool places. Debris, such as fireplace logs and large decorative stones, that you keep in your yard provides them with the perfect hiding spot. Move your logs into the garage to keep earwigs off of your property. Any large decorative stones or items should be moved far away from the outside of your home to send earwigs in a different direction.
Spray and Remove Trails
Ants are hard workers. They’re also experts at teamwork. When one ant finds foods, it’ll leave a chemical trail on the ground for other ants to follow. This is how one ant invading your home turns into a colony. Put a stop to their incredibly frustrating teamwork by maintaining a barrier of ant and bug spray around doorways and windows. You can remove ant trails by washing floors and walls with hot soap and bleach.
Pest prevention isn’t always about spraying pesticides and removing their favorite hiding places. It’s also about cleanliness. Take out the trash regularly, don’t leave food out in the open, and clean up all food and drink messes so that you don’t attract a pest invasion.