Pizzas Also Help In Relationship Building

We celebrated a lazy Sunday watching a movie with family last week, after a very long time. It felt great! The feeling of being together, spending quality time and nurturing feeling of belongingness among our little children was the thing to do.

I wanted to teach my kids that it is not important to go out to have fun, we can also enjoy the way want to staying at home. Friday night, during dinner we defined just one rule for the weekend-We will take care of each other to enhance the feeling of oneness.

No one will work, no restrictions, no permissions-it is just going to be two days when we will try to make one another happy. Now, we needed to decide how we manage that. I had confidence in my family and was sure my children would gradually get the hang of it and make efforts to live it up. But I could never guess they would do what they did!

Saturday went by as usual, chit chatting and playing card games and chess and X-Box together. Sunday began with waking up late and a yummy milkshake and toasts our domestic help Naina Aunty had lovingly made. For lunch our kids decided they would fix up a meal so asked the maid to go to her place for a couple of hours and return around lunch.

Being punctual as she was, she returned at sharp 2:00pm and had not expected what she saw. My daughter had made a slide show of her pictures and projected them on the dining room wall. The table was laid well, my son made out a thank you card for her and had ordered the meal for all of us from . We always knew the liked them and one or two slices we used to give her every time were not enough. So this time my kids ordered Fresh Veggie Pizza for her.

It was a moment of pride for me as we sat together, of course with her to enjoy the meal. I was glad they valued her emotions and tried to make her happy by surprising her this way. It was surely very special. And I could see tears filled in her eyes. She was very happy and could not express herself. I understand, there are times when you are so happy and elated that you are not able to put your feelings into words and your vocabulary falls short. These pizzas and the slide show were like messengers of our gratitude. It was a sweet ‘thank you’ from my children to a lady who spends all her time trying to make us happy and she well deserved it.

Creating some memorable moments would surely have been a little messy if kids did not have the option of pizza delivery. I am now a fan for this superfast 30mins service and just to share the contacts you can also dial 68886888 if you want to make someone happy.