7 New Wedding Photography Trends Couples Should Know About

When most couples hire a photographer for their wedding they rarely know much about the latest trends. This makes it difficult for them to determine if they are in fact hiring a really good professional to capture those once in a lifetime moments. That said photography has changed so much in the past few years that unless you are photography enthusiast it is hard to know much about the latest photography trends. You need to keep in mind that the right wedding photography theme coupled with a great photographer equals a brilliant looking wedding album. If you are looking for the perfect professional or company for the job the below seven trends should help you find the right candidate.

The Celebrity Wedding Photography style

Everyone or most people for that matter want to experience how it feels like to look like and be photographed like a celebrity. The celebrity wedding photography trend helps to bring red carpet posing to regular wedding couples. In this type of wedding photography the photographer will ask you to pretend to be a super star and recreate various scenes from music videos and movies. This allows them to create cool themed photographs that are fun to view and show to everyone.

Soft toned Monochrome Photography

This happens to be the of the latest wedding photography trends and requires adding a slight tone and tinting to monochrome photographs. A lot of the editing to achieve this effect is done after the wedding via a photo editing program. A sepia effect is used in addition to various other tones to create unique and fresh creative photography. However, this style is best suited for outdoor wedding photography where there is a beautiful landscape in the background.

The use of Photo Booths

There are a lot of funny and fun wedding photography trends that are making their way to mainstream couples, one of these include the use of photo booths. Many weddings not just use photo booths to entertain the guests but also because it gives wedding couples a chance pose in the booth for some beautiful photography. There are also some wedding photographers that will use photo editing programs to add a photo booth or an assuming effect to cleverly taken photos which looks simply gorgeous. The only drawback to this trend is perhaps that it requires a photographer with experience to pull off.

Deep Color themes

There are numerous wedding photographers who are using a combination of dramatic sky and low light to produce pictures that have very deep colors. This is often achieved when wedding photos are taken outdoors during sunset, and the results are often amazing post some clever picture editing. This particular trend is especially good for outdoor and beach weddings because it’s easier to produce wide shots and silhouettes outdoors.

Candid wedding Photography

In order to pull off these types of wedding photos couples will need to pair a great photographer with their own personal acting talent to achieve a style that’s great. The fact is that capturing good candid photos are difficult. Many experts find that the best way to create great candid photos is to start by creating a scene and then act spontaneously right in front of the photographer. This will help him capture photos that do not look as if they were planned.

Using Bold Colors

This particular style helps to turn up the volume on all the bold colors at your wedding party. This includes colorful scenery, decorations and accessories. Even though photographers will insist on using bold colors throughout your wedding and even provide you with a list of suggested colors they will also rely on post-production editing to improve the impact of the photos. Ideally, you need to have lots of yellows and reds which look great against a black, grey or white background when natural light hits them.

Classic photography aka vintage

This particular type of wedding photography tries to pull off a classic photography stunt i.e. it tries to make your photos look like they date back to the 20’s but with modern photography and tools. The vintage look is achieved using traditional accessories, bridal wear, post production and decorations. Creativeweddingphotography.com.au suggests that brides wear tea length dresses, pearls and headpieces to add more of that vintage look.

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John has been a wedding photographer for over two decades. For him wedding photography is something that comes naturally and inventing new themes is something he does as a hobby. This has allowed him to remain one step ahead of the others when it comes to taking beautiful photographs.