Revolutionary Water Purification Product

Water is the essential thing in world. Everyone live with the source of water. Adya Clarity, as the name suggests is a liquid based water purification technology that has brought revolution to the field of water purification. Adya natural water purification systems launched this product in order to provide the people with good quality of drinking product as they claimed other sources contained numerous contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides & pharmaceutical drugs. The system purifies & filters the product in such a way that human body makes a vital improvement towards healthiness. The Adya purification process has been patented under U.S Patent 4,776,963. The four basic processes followed for water purification are as follows:

  1. Flocculation – The process of invisible contaminants to come out of suspension.
  2. Coagulation – The contaminants clump together in such a way that it is insoluble.
  3. Precipitation – The insoluble substances solidify & they separate from the solution.
  4. Deposition – The precipitates are settled at the bottom of the solution.

During normal use, the impurities in water may require more than one or two days to get precipitated whereas utilizing the product would help will make the precipitation process to happen immediately & make water ready for use. Toxic chemicals such as chlorine or chloramines are added as disinfectants in municipal water treatment to control disease causing micro-organisms in the water. Due to the introduction of this water purification system, the process followed by municipal water treatment can be eliminated. The technology behind the product is concept taken from natural water purifier – organic rock which purifies the lakes. The purified water is likely to restore the internal balance of our body by supplying the required minerals by detoxifying and nourishing the body. The liquid is discovered from organic rock. Organic rock consists of Black Mica that serves as a water purifier due to the mineral content available in it. Once it is added to any water, it will neutralize all the contaminants such as chlorine, deadly toxins, fluorine & bacteria. Adya Clarity water purification system is very easy method as it consist only the process of adding few drops of the solution to the water which purifies & makes it consumable. The water cannot only be directly consumer but also can be used for coffee, tea, cooking, baking, water the plants and any other purpose how a normal water is used. If we use a tea spoon of water as a solution with half a cup of water every day, it helps to reduce the organic toxins, provides improved eyesight and reduces the knee pains. The solution also helps us to correct deficiencies, maintain health & strengthen immunity by availability of 80 natural minerals which are dissolved into it. This helps us to consume oxygenated &great tasting water and balance the symbiotic minerals in our body which in turn helps to clean the body and mind. The product is non-toxic, 100% natural filtration brand that helps our body to perform better. Positive & negative feedbacks started pouring in after the launch of the product. To confirm the real effect, Dr. Bryan from Hippocrates health institute has released the test results in a magazine ‘Healing our World’ under the article named Adya Clarity submit review. According to the test reports, there has been no issue that is found with the product. In fact, there has been a positive feedback about the product that after a scheduled continuous consumption of the product, the effects were found to be such that the required things in the body were found to be increased and unrequired things in the body were found to be decreased.