Looking For Last Minute Holiday Cottages For Short Breaks In Sussex?

I can vaguely remember the last time I sat down with the family and planned out our grand adventure without it being derailed by work emergencies or new deadlines. Many of us try to place a great deal of importance on a work-life balance, but not all of us are able to achieve this as effectively.  For those of us who are unable to plan months in advance, what are we to do? What options are available to get away, have some sun and relaxation with the family, and not feel the added strain on the wallet or on the limitations placed on there being no clean, reputable letting available?

Believe it or not, there are options closer than you think. There are, in fact, companies that cater to those who simply cannot or will not plan far in advance – those with a spontaneous approach to life or those who are simply too busy to slow down to plan. These companies offer the weary vacationer last minute holiday cottages in Sussex for those short, much needed breaks.

Short Break Cottages

For many people, a getaway of any length has a way of being refreshing—it’s our chance to restart the engines and revive the batteries. Each person will, however, be looking for their own unique fuel to foster this revitalization. Some will be seeking short break cottages nestled in the beautiful countryside where they can simply be with themselves and their families, a good book, a pipe, a fire, and no pressure on their time to do anything but simply be. This kind of environment may be the perfect balance to the chaos that is the rest of your life.

If that is not your cup of tea, there are short break cottages that access seaside or coastal environments in Southern England – the coastline is so diverse, from cliffs to bustling cities to vast tree lines of coast, that there is something for everyone. Still others look for a break from life by immersing themselves in a new nightlife or wrapping themselves in tales of the historical castles and architecture. There are so many options—if you know where to look for them.

What is a Holiday Letting?

Holiday letting is the term used to describe the short term rental of houses or units as holiday accommodations; this is not a permanent place to live, but has a very finite time associated with it. There are some well known companies in Southern England that specialize in finding holiday cottage property in Southern England, whether you are looking for a short break by the seaside, in the countryside or simply exploring all those fine UK historical sites.

What is unique about “holiday lettings” is the approach they take. You gain a chance to holiday in a much more private setting than the standard hotel or motel.  Further, you’ll be able to choose which setting to stay in, and which amenities you would prefer to have close by (for instance, historical sites, lush meadows and walking trails, or that awe-inspiring sea-scape).

Many companies even do all the leg work for you. They vet the properties and property owners, narrow down the options based on your specific requests and financial commitments, and are aware of both short break holiday cottages and those offering a more extended stay.  Many even have websites that will show pictures of the letting, the cost, how many it will sleep, and whether it is child and/or pet friendly.

There are several options for short break holidays in Sussex alone, so there is no need to feel that you have no options for enjoying a quick vacation or a last-minute retreat—other than that all-too-famous stay-cation. With access to the right company and the right information, you can be guaranteed a fantastic last-minute holiday cottage for a short break in Sussex.

This article was written by Amos James, has vast experience in writing on travel, tourism and holiday cottage related topics.