5 Health-Friendly Clothing Apparel Gift Ideas

Apparel is not new among gift ideas and it is a custom globally but what about skin safe special apparels? Have you ever thought of it?
Globally now, people are really into using health friendly products. Besides health friendly diets, cosmetics and maintaining a health friendly life style, these days, you can get health friendly clothing apparel too. Needless to say, these items are an excellent and exclusive gift for someone you love and care for.
Here are 5 unique products which you could consider as gifts for your friends and family.

Firm Men’s Ribbed Dress Socks

These health friendly socks from Therafirm.com may not look like something special at first glance, but they are unique in their health benefits. These socks are designed for improving circulation, providing relief to the tired muscles in the legs and often prevent swelling to some extent. The socks’ texture is designed in a way that it compresses the leg muscles starting at the ankles and decreasing gradually upwards. These socks are great for supporting better blood flow.
Salient features:

  • Exerts 30-40 mmHg in the ankle region
  • Dermatologically safe- these socks are made with nylon spandex and are available in black and blue.
  • Monopoly winning formula of Micro-Cool wonderfully absorbs moisture and offers a cozy coolness for the user.

Light Women’s Ribbed Trouser Support Socks

These socks are made not only for looking good but also for improving blood circulation, providing excellent relief for tired and aching legs as well as preventing swelling. Their intentional pressure exerting quality offers great relief for users.
Salient Features:

  • Exerts 10-15 mmHg pressure in the ankle region
  • Soft comfort band keeps the socks in place without creating any irritation
  • They have an incredibly soft toe and heel, and the socks are made of a spandex and nylon blend.
  • Winning formula of Micro-Cool material keeps you comfortable and thus offers an excellent experience for the users.

Moderate Men’s Ribbed Dress Socks

These socks are specially designed for enhancing blood circulation, and consequently, they relieve stress and tiredness of muscles by offering excellent support for aching feet. The compression they offer applies pressure to the ankle region, which reduces gradually upwards aiding in better blood circulation.
Salient features:

  • These health friendly socks exert 20-30 mmHg pressure: the strongest pressure point is at the ankle and then it gradually reduces from there on up.
  • The soft comfort band retain its shape and position and offers coziness.
  • The best quality nylon and spandex make these socks easy to wash, comfortable to wear and they maintain an ultra-cool feeling even after hours of wear.

Women’s Moderate Support Lace-Top Sheer Thigh High Stockings

Looks wise, they are extremely attractive, and these lacy socks are unique in their functions and features too making them wonderful gift items.
Salient features:

  • Relive stress, decrease strain in leg muscles, and provide unique comfort to the wearer with moderate swelling tendencies.
  • Exerts 20-30 mmHg pressure at the ankle region and gets it reduced gradually at the upper level,
  • Made with 2-way stretch nylon, micro cool process, and trendy lace band the socks looks attractive and it works extremely efficient.
  • Offers excellent durability and extremely comfortable for long wear.

Moderate Support Thigh High Stockings

Suitable for metrosexual men and women, these health friendly stockings offer moderate support for aching and tired feet by exerting moderate pressure on the ankle region. Their controlled pressure exertion provides extra support for proper blood circulation in the feet.
Salient features:

  • Exerts 20-30mmHg pressure
  • Available in open-toe and closed-toe style respectively.
  • Made with 2-way stretch nylon and spandex blend, these health friendly socks are excellent for long wear.

Socks are clothing accessories everyone needs at least here and there. In many cases, one’s outfit is not complete without them. For many reasons, they are great gift choices for someone special in your life.