Interior Design Tips

Are you designing your home on a tight budget? If hiring an interior decorator is not an option you can improve your presentation by following a few smart tips. Learning how to use space effectively instantly adds a more sophisticated air to your living room, dining room or den areas.

In addition to complementing living spaces with modern shelving units keep a few interior design tips in mind to decorate your home like a pro.

Leave the Paint Color for Last

Don’t pick the paint color of any interior room before you’ve wrapped up your interior decorating campaign. What looks stunning in your present home may not look great in your future home. Or if you’re simply redecorating your current home there are thousands of shades to work with. Picking the right paint color adds a finishing touch to your interior design. This color must work with your rug, artwork, upholstery and other factors. You can best visualize the ideal color by assessing your home after all of the designing and decorating is complete, save the paint job.

Let Your Furniture Breathe

Giving your sofas, couches and love seats some breathing room adds a sense of space to your interior design. Don’t overcrowd any room with furniture. The “comfy-cozy” feel you wish to create will soon turn to claustrophobic. Being able to cruise around your rooms with ease can give you peace of mind. Spacing out your furniture also helps cash-strapped homeowners working on a tight budget.

Buy a few less but higher quality furniture pieces to improve the quality of your interior design. Purchasing a few pieces of quality furniture and spacing these pieces out moves the focal point to these impressive home additions. Make a greater impact by investing in a handful of premium pieces versus a large collection of cheap buys.

Hang Paintings Intelligently

Placing artwork at the proper height helps you and your visitors appreciate the work at eye level. Although the average human eye level is 57 inches you may want to adjust this height for the residents and visitors to your home.  Don’t hang paintings higher because you have towering, high ceilings. Think through the human element versus the structure of your home. Your ceilings and walls are not appreciating the artwork but people are soaking up your collection. Tailor the experience to accommodate people to hang your paintings and other artwork intelligently. Good quality furniture helps to improve the quality of your interior design. GB projects design and manufacture bespoke units to meet specific interior designs. We are happy to offer a complete contract furniture solution from concept to installation.

Arrange Furniture Effectively on Rugs

You can place furniture entirely on a rug or fully off of the rug. You can also place the front feet of furniture on a rug. If the rug is large enough to house all 4 legs of the furniture going with this strategy can create a more luxurious feel to your room. Allow for 18 inches or more of space on the rug’s borders. Keeping all 4 legs off of a rug can work if you’re redesigning a small room. The rug should be placed so that it could almost touch each of the front legs of every seat placed by the rug.

If you want to create a sense of openness in the room leave the 2 front legs of each seating piece on the rug.