How To Use More Direct Forms Of Online Promotion

SEO is a powerful tool to promote yourself online, but it is also somewhat a ‘blanket’ strategy that isn’t particularly direct and personal. Just as in the real world, there are a number of ways you can promote a website directly to particular individuals . Here we will look at three of those for you to add to your arsenal…

Offer Value and Generate Interest on Forums

Discussing on forums and social media is a great way to get direct contact with people who are interest in your niche – and this is a great opportunity to show the kind of value you’ll provide on your site. For instance then, you could spend some time regularly browsing the sites you want to use for questions and comments that you can respond to.
Reddit for example will provide you with plenty of questions in the subcategories and if you have a useful answer then this is something that can quickly win you the respect of other users. Likewise you should also think to share things that you find when you think the community will like them. If you’re reading an interesting technology article and you post in a tech forum, then try sharing it so that people get used to wanting to see your posts.
The best way to do all this is by working it into your routine, but also by making it quick to share throughout your day. In the morning make an effort to post on a couple of social networks, and include apps on your device that make it quicker and easier to update your status or post new pictures. If you can quickly change your status on all your accounts at the touch of a button, you’ll find you’re much more likely to actually do it and that your account is far more active as a result.

Offer Rewards for Facebook Followers

Many companies offer rewards to people for liking their pages, but the same thing can work just as well when it comes to getting followers in the first place. Write on your website that anyone who follows you on Twitter or who adds you on Facebook will get a discount/free eBook and you’ll find you quickly get a lot of ads. And in the long run, it will be worth it – especially as it might also get you some free exposure as other blogs write about the offer and so help the efforts of your SEO company…

Add Everyone You Meet

If you meet someone in real life and you have a conversation that lasts for more than ten minutes, then you are perfectly permitted to add that person on your social media accounts or your mailing list. This might feel a little ‘uncool’, but ultimately if you never see them again then it doesn’t matter. The point is though, that you can still promote to someone even if you’ve met them before (in fact that’s even better), and once you’ve actuallyWrite a Witty Piece.

Another way to make your article more interesting is just to make it humorous, which is always good fun to write. This can even allow you to write about why you find the subject so dull. If you have to write an article on tax returns for instance, then you can just rant for 500 words on why tax returns are so boring to fill out and so boring to write about.
You’ll have plenty of material to work from, and the article is bound to be enjoyable both to read. Note of course that it’s usually useful to end on a serious/positive note, so even if you rant for ages about how boring tax returns are, the final sentence can make up for it by reminding people that they’re a necessary evil and that it can actually be satisfying to keep your finances organised when you’re self-employed.
And once you’ve actually spoken to someone you’ll find there’s a social obligation for them to accept…

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