Tips To Boost Your Fertility

If you’re trying to get pregnant making lifestyle changes can help you to conceive. Change your habits and take advantage of the fertility window to increase the odds of getting pregnant.

Watch Your Weight

Being overweight or underweight can affect your fertility levels. Gaining too much weight or not enough pounds can delay the amount of time it takes for a woman to become pregnant. Pay strict attention to your weight before getting pregnant. Find your optimal weight by exercising regularly – without overdoing it – and eating a balanced, nutritious diet.

Walking briskly for 30 or more minutes daily can help you shed unwanted pounds without losing too much weight. Eating a balanced, nutritious diet rich with vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and wholesome complex carbohydrates can help you achieve your optimal weight.

Maintain a disciplined approach to eating right and working out without overdoing it. Going to the extreme will only cause you to become underweight which hampers your ability to get pregnant and reduces your fertility.

Protect Your Sperm

Men should be aware of environmental influences to protect their sperm and increase their fertility. Being exposes to warm temperatures on a regular basis can affect your fertility negatively. Taking hot baths or spending time in a hot tub repeatedly can affect your fertility. Laptop users may also be reducing their fertility levels due to the heat generated by the battery and its proximity to the testicles.

Cell phone radiation may also lower your fertility levels. Keep your cell phone out of your pockets to reduce exposure to your reproductive organs.

Watch What You Drink

Consuming excessive levels of alcohol or coffee can affect fertility levels in women. Don’t drink more than 1 or 2 cups of coffee daily to stay fertile. Also cut down on soft drink consumption if you enjoy drinking soda. Drinking 2 or more alcoholic beverages daily can lower fertility levels. Adopt a moderate approach to taking in both alcoholic beverages and coffee or soft drinks to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Throw Away Your Cigarettes

Men’s and women’s fertility levels can drop quickly due to smoking cigarettes. The uterus becomes less receptive to the egg for women smokers. Men who smoke damage their DNA and reduce their sperm counts. Break your nicotine addiction now. Exercise more to give yourself a persistent endorphin rush, chew gum to calm your frayed nerves and think about the family you wish to start – or add to – before you reach for your next pack of cigarettes while trying to get pregnant.

Use the Fertile Window

Trying to get pregnant during the 6 day period that ends on the day of ovulation can increase your fertility. You’re most likely to get pregnant if intercourse occurs within the 3 day window before ovulation. Keep track of your ovulating cycle to maximize the chances of getting pregnant.

Visit a Clinic

Having fertility treatments at a clinic can boost your fertility and help you conceive. Do online and offline research to find a local clinic which fits your needs.