What To Look For In A Used Car Dealership

Buying a used car can be a stress-free, rewarding experience if you choose the right dealership for your needs. Do your homework online and offline to find a reputable dealer with supportive sales staff. Location plays a big factor in picking the right dealership. You can buy a solid, dependable car at a bargain price if you’re willing to do some legwork beforehand.

Non Pushy Staff

If you’ve ever been hustled by a used car salesperson you can appreciate dealing with an honest, helpful salesperson. Most used car sales workers are genuine people who want to help you find the right match. Used car sales folks often get a bad rap due to a few pushy, forceful individuals who are desperate to make a sale. If you run into sales types who are using pressurized tactics leave the dealership immediately.

No reputable manager would put up with such over the top, worn out selling strategies. A good dealership will employ honest, genuine sales staff. View pushy staff as a red flag and instantly leave any dealer who employs such heavy handed sales techniques.

Good Online Reviews

In today’s age of the internet both positive and negative reviews can spread quickly. Research auto forums, blogs and social networks to find customer reviews of car dealerships. Solid, reputable dealers will attract a majority of positive reviews. As with any business you’re bound to find people who’ve had negative experiences with dealers.

Some negative reviews are people who are having a bad day while others are more legit experiences. In either case, if you’re finding that most people have positive feedback to offer regarding their experience it’s probably a good idea to visit the lot and take a look around.

Word of mouth marketing is a powerful trust builder. If an auto dealership toots their own horn you’re not likely to pay much attention but if an unbiased reviewer offers a glowing testimonial you’ll take note instantly.


One overlooked aspect of a used car dealership is location. This location aspect applies on a few levels. In one regard you want a dealer who’s located close to your home. This cuts down on your drive time if you pay multiple visits to the showroom.

If you have to drive a few hours to and from the dealership for multiple trips you’ll be socked with high fuel costs. Dealing with a long, stressful commute can also affect your judgment when it comes to making a buy.

One other aspect of location involves ease of driving for new or unconfident drivers. Buying car from a used auto dealership located on a busy highway can be a harrowing experience for a new driver. People who are fearful drivers may freeze up behind the wheel when trying to get on the highway by a dealership.

If you’re a new driver or uncomfortable behind the wheel choose a dealership in a quieter, suburban location to save yourself deep anxieties and a possible car accident.