5 Best Action Games For You

Games provide one with a form of relaxation from the day hustles by helping refresh your mind. There are numerous games available that will help you move from the world of reality to the world of fantasy. For action movies, fanatics here are 7 best action games for you. These games will make you fall in love with your PlayStation once again just try them.

• Deadly Creatures

This is one of the best action games that is available for you. This is a game that is so exciting and thrilling thus will keep you glued to your PlayStation as the game is so well crafted with extremely hilarious graphics. The game involves a number of players embedded in a spider and scorpion exoskeleton thrown upon a desert. For action lovers this is one game you shouldn’t miss out.

• Metal Gear Solid

This is also another exciting action game being one of the oldest but still remains to be most peoples favourite. Metal gear is a game that has a conspiracy story development followed with a series of actions, talk of neck-breaking accompanied by some odd chocking noises coming from the victim. Some of the highlight of this game is when the hero adorned with a metal gear tries to survive in the jungle eating snakes and conducting raids. Get your copy of this game and get to have fun.

• Uncharted 2

This is also another exciting action game to reckon with. It’s more of an adventure like game with dogs making some hunting venture. The characters in this game are also easy to relate to and the narration. Another thing that is so amazing in this game is the high quality graphical design that has been crafted in this game.

• Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

Assassin creed is another type of action game’s series that has thrilled many. This game has always been improved and made better from assassin creed 1 to then two and finally, the brotherhood. This game develops its action from a series of the sword with a horse combat where the assassins try fight you as the hero creating a watch your back feature to protect yourself as the play goes on. This is quite a unique action game that is very deadly thus good to top up to your collection.

• Tomb Rider

Tomb rider is another old action game that has been approved by many as being one of the most spectacular games to have ever existed. This is one game that will turn your to become an addict of PlayStation games. This game is quite similar to uncharted but more flourished with more action combined with adventure and exploration making it a legendary action game. Honestly, if you do not have this game, or you’re missing out on it because your PlayStation has developed some technical, problem then make a point of calling a service provider listed in the PlayStation 3 contact number from your Ps software’s so that you continue enjoying this wonderful game.

• Batman Arkham Asylum

Batman is another action game that is loved by many and especially children. This is a game I would highly recommend for action lovers as it is well crafted with high-quality graphics and a creative story. Batman tries to portray his heroic capabilities in handling his errands. What a way of spend your leisure time, this game is quite fascinating.

• Dead Space

As the name suggests dead space is one action game that has tried to utilize the space. This game is kind of scary thus making it more exciting and will always keep you on toes with lots of anticipation. The kind of creativity shown in this game is worth mentioning as there are few games that have made the use of the atmosphere.get your copy now of this movie and get to enjoy the science fiction feel in it.