Greatest Locations For Party Holidays

For some, a party is a way to celebrate something special- a birthday, an anniversary or an engagement. For others, partying is a way of life. But going to the same clubs, dancing to the same tunes and having the same food can get monotonous after a while. Heading for a party holiday is a great way to break the monotony while still enjoying the energy of the crowds, the thrill of the music and the wild abandon of dancing. Whether you’re celebrating a certain occasion or are just looking to live the moment, there are several fantastic party locations you can choose from.

Party Holiday Splurge

If you are lucky enough to have an extensive budget set aside for your party holiday, there are many destinations that are perfect for you. Ibiza is the first place that comes to mind. With its innumerable bars and clubs calling out to party animals, it’s no surprise that it is one of the top party holiday destinations. Start off at the relaxed music bars, and as the night wears on, head to the more energetic clubs where you can socialise with different people, sip on the delicious cocktails and dance to the contagious tunes of world famous DJs. But remember to keep one night free for the boat parties out in the ocean, too. Alternately, head to the French party hotspot, St. Tropez. Spend the day sunbathing on the beach and sipping on champagne. Post sundown, step into your party shoes and get ready to dance the night away. St. Tropez is a favourite party destination of many celebrities, so you might find yourself rubbing shoulders with a pop star or an actor on the dance floor! And if you are fond of champagne, caviar, tropical cocktails, pool-side parties and luxury hotels, Barbados is just right for you. The beautiful view is enthralling enough to get you relaxed and in the mood for some fun. Here, fine dining meets nightlife and drinks flow generously at the exclusive nightclubs, keeping partygoers entertained till daybreak.

Party on Budget

partying on budget, however, definitely doesn’t mean you have to give up on the exotic locales, sunny beaches and fruity cocktails. There are many party destinations that can give you all the thrills, minus the steep price tag. The Majorcan resort, Magaluf, is one of the hottest party destinations for the young and the young at heart. The Strip is where all the trendiest clubs are located, and once there, you’ll be spoilt for choice. With world-famous DJs creating enchanting tunes and a free flowing, one-for-one drinks policy that goes on well beyond the conventional ‘Happy Hours’, Magaluf is the place to be. Buying the Magaluf Club Pass gets you exclusive entry to the most popular clubs and free drinks on certain days, making this a very pocket-friendly party locale. For truly memorable parties, head to Ko Pha Ngan in Thailand. The island has beautiful beaches, mouth-watering food and exciting water sports by day. At night, however, the wild parties get steadily wilder, till it culminates into the legendary Full Moon Party each month. With drinks, body painting and steady beats that continue till dawn, visiting Ko Pha Ngan is a must for anyone who believes that a true party has no restrictions. Goa in India is another place that’s great for those on a budget. The tropical city is warm with the golden sun promising a luxurious tan. Food and shopping is cheap at the flea markets and beach-front food shacks. The innumerable nightclubs that play reggae, trance and techno music leave you spoilt for choice.

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