Essential Equipment To Start An Auto Body Shop

There is a wide variety of tools and equipment that are important to use in the auto body shop industry, but if you are starting out, you will need the top essentials that can help get your businesses off the ground. Without them, it would be nearly impossible for your business to function.  While the equipment needed in a body shop can perform many tasks, below are listed the essentials that are needed to perform the basic body shop repair work.

Air compressors

These tools are used to operate tools instead of electricity. They use a simple motor which compresses air into a steel storage tank that, when released, releases pressure strong enough to power pneumatic tools and other electrical equipment.  The versatility of this tool in the automotive industry can cover a wide range of uses such as repair and bodywork, inflating tyres and spray painting.


A welder can be used in the process of joining two materials together by causing a coalescence or amalgamation. It involves melting the work pieces and utilising a filler material to form a connection that creates a strong joint. There are many types of welders, used in a variety of jobs but the process is often different. Arc welding, for example, uses an electric arc between the base metal and an electrode; this melts the metal at the welding point. Other sources that can be used to weld metal are an electric beam, gas flame and ultrasound. A welder is mostly used in repairing a car frame by replacing damaged sections with new joints.

Automotive Paint Gun

A spray gun is mainly used to paint the bodywork of a car after it has been completed. Connected to an air compressor via a hose, the gun can be set to paint large or small areas depending on air pressure or pattern control. Gravity feed guns are ideal for automotive body shops as they can be used to easily paint recesses and cavities.


Using a dual action sander cab remove chips or scratches on the body and featheredge to blend body filler. It is also a tool used to help prepare the body of the car for painting, by removing the original coat on the body. They are also an effective tool to even out any rough edges of metal work, especially on the body work of the car as this can allow for a smoother, cleaner finish.

Pneumatic Tools

Other tools that can be powered by an air compressor can also be beneficial when you are just starting. An air hammer can be used to fix dents in the cars outer body. Other tools include air ratchets that can be used to remove rested bolts that can be stubborn to detach from the body work.

For anyone who wants to start their own body shop businesses, these are the essential tools needed that can allow you to give the basics of an auto body repair shop. Eventually, you will need to start branching out and offering more services. Talk to a professional Body shop equipment provider who stock a wide variety of tools and equipment that you can use to start expanding your business.

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