A MotoGP Holiday In Sunny Valencia

If you’re planning to travel to a European destination to catch some MotoGP action this season, you could do a lot worse than sunny Valencia. When the British summer has faded to a distant memory, Spain’s third largest city often basks in up to 18 degrees of heat, even in November!

The city of Valencia is a quick and cheap flight from most UK airports, and the nearby “Circuito de la Comunitat Valenciana” offers some spectacular racing action and a unique atmosphere that few other MotoGP circuits can offer. As the last race of the season, Valencia really does have a party atmosphere that’s unmatched by the rest of the racing calendar.

The Circuit

Completed in 1999, Valencia’s circuits stands around half an hour away from the city, and draws enormous crowds of up to 150,000 spectators to its massive grandstands. The atmosphere here is electric, and with stands that give views across the entire track, it’s an exciting place to watch a MotoGP race.

Arriving In Valencia

Valencia has long been languishing in the shadows of both Barcelona and Madrid, but this is rapidly changing. Now a popular short break destination, the home of paella is a vibrant, chaotic and friendly place with museums, restaurants and culture aplenty. The seaside is a short metro ride away, and there’s plenty to keep you occupied before race weekend begins. Make the old quarter your first stop for accommodation, with its cobbled streets and historic architecture, and get right into the heart of this accessible, lively city.

Places To Stay

Valencia might be a popular short break destination, but it struggles to fill hotels during the week. You should be able to find some great deals on accommodation if you extend your MotoGP holiday a few days either side of race weekend.

Dining Out

There’s food options aplenty in this city. As the birthplace of paella, you’ll find many places serving this iconic Spanish dish, as well as classic tapas menus and seafood. For an atmospheric dining experience, head to LaLola and sit outside on the cobblestone streets for some quality people watching as you dine. Historic Casa Montana is a great option for tapas, and has a very well stocked cellar and a lively, warm feel.


The Barrio del Carmen, in the old quarter, is a friendly and energetic place to be as night falls, and the cafes around Calle Caballeros are a great place to start. For a less touristy vibe, head out to the bars and clubs around Plaza Canovas. Just remember though: Nightlife in Spain doesn’t get started until late, and with November being off season, things are going to be a little quieter than the height of summer.

Booking Your Holiday

If you’re interested in a Spanish MotoGP holiday to end the season’s racing, you can find plenty of cheap flights online, but it’s often wiser to purchase race tickets well in advance. www.bigrockholidays.com, a company specialising in motorsport holidays, suggests getting tickets arranged as early as possible: “This race represents something of an end of season party for the fans and riders, so it’s a popular, often sell out race.”

The Valencia MotoGP is a definite highlight of the MotoGP season, and a fitting end to hectic summer of racing. Book now and avoid disappointment!

Wendy Lin is a successful femal entrepreneur and freelance writer. She enjoys going hiking and sailing with her family on the holidays.