Planning Your Wedding Invitations

You’ve decided to tie the knot, fixed the date and the venue, and written the guest list. So now you need to actually invite your guests. Sending out your wedding invitations will make the whole event seem real – once you’ve invited your friends and family, there’s no going back. But you also need to be sure that you get them right. So read on for all you need to know about sending the perfect invites.


Your style of wedding invitation should match the overall style of your wedding. It’s your guest’s first sneak preview of what to expect. So before ordering the stationery, you need to make sure it’s a good match for your wedding as a whole. Think about colours, font styles and the type of card that will go with your wedding. Classic monogrammed style on stiff cream card for example, is suited to a very traditional wedding. So if your actual wedding is a Hawaiian themed knees-up involving plastic pineapples and a VW Camper, you wouldn’t want to opt for a Jane Austen type wedding invitation.


While there is a formal etiquette to wording wedding invitations, you don’t necessarily have to follow it.  Your individual style should dictate the wording. As a general rule however, the bride’s name should always go before the groom, and whoever is hosting the wedding should be the official inviter. If it’s the bride’s parents for example, then you would state that they ‘request the pleasure of your company’ or however you choose to phrase it. Whether you include the order of service is up to you, but it does help gives guests an idea of what to expect. Don’t forget to add the address for the location of the ceremony and reception. You can always include information cards if there is too much detail to put on the invite itself.

Reply Cards and RSVP

Reply cards make it easier for your guests to respond, but don’t forget to have an RSVP date. Having a fixed date by which guests should reply will help you round up any stragglers.

Bespoke Wedding Stationery

Rather than just buying wedding invitations off the shelf, you could instead be truly unique and create an invitation which doubles as a work of art to treasure. There are now plenty of online wedding invitation designers who will print bespoke designs for you. for example, create bespoke letterpress invitations which stand alone as unique works of art. Unique invitations not only create an impact, but serve as a longstanding memento of your big day.

Working with The Printer

Always check the time scales your printer works to. Ideally you should be sending out your invites at least three months before the day, so allow enough time for the art process if you’re commissioning bespoke invites. The printer should always send you final proofs of the design by email before hitting the ‘print’ button, so always make sure you’re happy with what they’ve produced first. Check for any mistakes with a fine tooth comb.

Wendy Lin is a freelance writer, entrepreneur and stylist. She enjoys travelling and boating with her family.