3 Telltale Signs That A Family Member Has An Addiction

This topic is one that one might not want to talk about; this is the topic of addiction in the family. There are specific signs that could give the hint that somebody close to you could be addicted to either alcohol or drugs. Drugs are something that many families might not want to talk about with their members especially if they are becoming a problem. Admitting that somebody might have a problem is difficult for the addicted person as well as the family because often times the family blames the drug usage on themselves.

Physical Signs

One of the easiest symptoms to catch is that of bloodshot eyes on a consistent basis. Excuses that could be used is saying that one has allergies. Carrying eye drops and using them very often could be a sign of drug use. Sudden weight loss is a sign of stimulant use as stimulant abusers can go days without sleeping. In the stimulant category, users many times do not sleep for days on end and might crash and sleep for inordinate amounts of time at odd hours.

Behavioral Signs

Losing passion for things or performing badly in school or work is an easy sign of drug abuse but could be from a plethora of other extenuating circumstances. Sudden financial problems without real reasoning and asking to borrow amounts of cash often can be a sign of drug abuse. Stealing usually from family members is one of the spot on signs that your family member is abusing drugs. Being secretive might be in a person’s nature, but a sudden boost in secretive or suspicious behavior is a red flag that illegal or addictive behavior could be going on.

Psychological Signs

Unexplained mood shifts or personality changes often times can mean drug abuse is just starting or beginning to take hold into a downward spiral. Long periods of hyperactivity can be a sign of a long “bender” that a drug abuser is on. This could be beginning projects at odd hours then going on to another project without finishing the first one. This is usually a sign of stimulant abuse as hyperactivity is often times linked with stimulants.

Make sure to confront a family member if you suspect a family member is abusing drugs. The longer that one waits to confront the family member just leaves more time for the drug abuse to worsen as addicts use more and more to get the same high. Getting this person into a private drug rehab center is the most important part of the battle as far as a family member is concerned. If a teenager is abusing drugs, make sure that both parents are on the same page as far the plan of how to approach the teenager goes. Often time parents are split on the strategy that they are going to take. This divides the parents and leaves one parent as an enabler in the long run, addicts also try to turn people against each other if one is soft on the problem and the other is hard.