10 live Chat Experiments Will Boost Your eCommerce Sales in 2019

eCommerce Sales

Around 92% customer satisfaction leads the live chat over other channels like telephone, e-mail, and social media.  79% of eCommerce customers prefer to live chat due to the immediacy it provides. Therefore,  last 5 years live chat volumes are anticipated to increment by 24% boosting the commerce sales nationwide.

We live in reality as we know it where capacities to focus are diving, and tolerance is an uncommon item.  Most of the companies/organizations today confront an alternate arrangement of issues. We are currently managing clients who expect everything ‘now.’ Faster conveyance, better look at, less demanding cancelations, and continuous help.

As an entrepreneur, you should be speedy, you have to quick, and you should be unconstrained; the world lives on quickness today. Purchasers are getting to be plainly refined, and their desires are expanding as the days pass. Surpassing purchaser desire resembles a daunting struggle; troublesome, yet not feasible. Read on to know how 10 live chats experiment can double your e-commerce sale.

1) Personalized service

Live chat offers personalized advice based on the past experience of visitors is a good way to improve your ecommerce sales. Your chat administrators need to know what you offer on the website to suggest particular products to potential clients.

Source: Martechadvisor

If your customer already had some past experience with your company, you don’t have to go through all the basics.

2)  Well-Timed greetings

Getting to your customer at the right moment with a unique and customized greeting is another way to improve ecommerce sales on live chat.

Source: Livechatinc

You can organize greetings that will function automatically when a customer is getting some problems, for instance, when there are some issues processing the payment. Using automatic greetings with a logical position in live chat would boost your e-commerce sales by 30%.

3) Customized Chat Window

Getting a live chat window to look more professional enhances trust in ecommerce potential customers. This would enable your clients not to guess if they are contacting the right department or not. See the chat activity graph below.

Source: zopim

4) Discovering Pain Points

Live chat tool is a hot cake talking about getting valuable information. Your e-commerce customers will be more than eager to share their feedback about your service.  As you can see in the graph, pain points can increase the duration time of the website:

Source: p3chat

Make sure all that feedback is used to improve your offering. For example, if you get a lot of questions about your shipping, it may be a good idea to make that information more prominent on your site.

5) Feedback mechanism

Live chat isn’t just about providing customer support; it can also be used as an effective tool to gather insight into how users interact with your website.

Smart operators will train their staff to not only support customers but to listen and observe their behavior to be passed the individual or team managing the website. Live chat is a great way to capture customer feedback and to interact with those customers and explore common problems.

Source: Atlassian

Live chat also allows companies to write well-written FAQs; allowing customers to self-serve better without having to use live chat, phone or any other medium beyond the website to achieve their goals.

6) Be available anytime your visitors need you.

​ Sounds obvious, Many companies focus only on the working hours in their own time zone? When you’re at the office, chances are your customers too. To boost your ecommerce sales, you have to be assured that your live chat is on and available whenever your able clients are willing to buy from you.

If you are not sure when that is, spent your asset in keeping the live chat for 24/7 and then measure your peak hours.

7) Second most Preferable Channels to Get Quick Solutions

Time counts each time you’re looking to help a customer and close a sale. When customers enter their query into your live chat, respond immediately. One of the key reasons why people use live chat channel is to avoid telephone hold times or wait hours for an email response.

See the graph below, a list of preferable channels customer use on a regular basis:

The clients want answers, and they want them on the go. Your fast response time will increase your close rate and your bottom line.

8) Provide typing indicators.

The iPhones have conditioned us to get instant feedback even when the administrator is working on a response. If your clients don’t see that someone is typing, they have no indication that somebody is already working on a response to their inquiry.

Many or more live chat merchants give businesses the option of displaying clients a typing cursor when the live chat administrator is typing a response.

Make sure this feature is turned on, as it lets the clients know that someone is already helping them, rather than displaying a blank screen and not being sure if there is someone already rendering a helping hand.

9) Tread lightly.

The difference between creepy and helpful is very skinny. If you and your agents are doing your jobs correctly, you know a hell of a lot more about the customer asking questions that you want to acknowledge.

Your customers value their privacy. Give them some space, and don’t reveal information that shows you’ve been monitoring their interactions with your site. Giving a general helping hand is good, but it has to be applied in accordance.

10) Strategically choose how you show yourself.

Your live chat merchant may give you the choice of “popping up” during a customer’s e-commerce site visitor using a small “live chat” button placed strategically on the site. Either way, it could be, be ensured that clients who are very interested in chatting will know they can click and request help and those who aren’t interested will be liable to ignore it.

Your live chat button shouldn’t drive away from the products and services you’re rendering. In retail, we call this an “approach zone.” You don’t want to get jumped on by a sales associate the minute you walk through the door.

Be helpful and available, but using aggressive pop-ups or lightbox technology, for example, to take over the page and force someone to click yes or no to your offer to engage is bad for business.


By Implementing these live chat experiments into your e-commerce site, you can help keep your customers happy and increase your conversation rates which would definitely boost your ecommerce sales and eCommerce development services.