8 Tips For Ordering Healthy Sushi

Sushi can be a healthy alternative to red meat based dishes if you limit calorically rich add ons. Mayonnaise or cream cheese based fillers can boost your caloric and fat intake dramatically.

Be mindful of seasoning agents and eat with moderation to create a healthy trip to your local sushi house.

Order 2 Maki Rolls

If you have a hankering for Maki sushi order no more than 2 rolls to watch your caloric intake. Request brown rice if the restaurant offers alternatives to traditional white rice. Brown rice is high in heart healthy whole grains and also boosts your fiber intake. Eating high fiber foods helps you feel full which curbs your appetite.

Cut out Tempura

Even though tempura is a tasty treat you want to avoid fried foods. Cut out the extra fat and calories. Deep-fried, heavily battered foods increase your saturated fat intake and can also boost cholesterol levels. Stay away from these foods. Besides, sushi tastes wonderfully rich on its own.

Avoid Rolls with all the Trimmings

Fancy-style rolls like spider rolls, rainbow rolls, and dynamite rolls are bigger options and carry more calories compared to the more moderate alternatives. Skip the higher calorie rolls with all the fancy trimmings to make the healthy choice. You can consume a rich, filling roll bursting with flavor while avoiding the extra calories. Keep it simple.

Eat One Spicy Tuna Roll

Since tuna rolls are usually slathered in mayonnaise one roll is more than enough. Cut down your caloric and fat intake. Enjoy a single tuna roll and resist the urge to order more. Try having a green salad or bowl of miso soup before dinner to feel satiated and contended with one roll.

Forget the Philadelphia Roll

Sushi is rich, bursting with flavor and quite satiating on its own. Slapping on extra rich, think cream cheese is overkill. Cream cheese also adds plenty of unwanted calories and fat to an already complete dish. Skip the Philadelphia roll.

No More than One Eel Roll

Eel is a delectable fish rich with healthy omega 3 fatty acids but it usually is served with a sweet, calorically-empty brown sauce. Order only one eel roll to receive its health benefits without cancelling them out. If you want to cut calories try alternatives like salmon, shrimp, yellow tail and tuna rolls.

Make sure to add avocado to only one of your rolls. Although the food is rich with healthy fats, avocado is also a calorically dense delight. Prevent your caloric intake from spiking higher by keeping your avocado intake in check.

Cut Calories through Creative Adds

Add cucumbers or scallions to any of your rolls for a tasty, low calorie seasoning agent. You can have extra flavor without packing on calories or fat.

Go the Veggie Route

Ordering veggie rolls can help you cut calories and fat intake. Peanut rolls, shitake mushroom rolls, avocado rolls and spinach rolls are clean, lower calories alternatives to the traditional fish-based sushi roll.

If you need a little protein boost add one seafood roll to your dish.