Tips For Visiting Blocked Websites

Being blocked from visiting a website can be a frustrating experience. Whether your home country restricts access to a website or you’re a tourist visiting a foreign land you’re likely to become upset when you run into a blocked website that you want to access.

In some cases you simply want to watch American Netflix or engage in some other form of entertainment. In other instances you may feel a wave of panic if you can’t access your bank’s website or log in to a payment processor. Due to foreign regulations and other political or religious reasons you may have to forego your favorite shows or in the worst cases, use inconvenient, frustrating means to send and receive money in foreign lands with many website restrictions.

In any case you need creative ways and means to work through the ban.  You have the option of using more legitimate techniques to access restricted websites or you can travel down a darker path in secret, foreign internet cafes rife with disillusioned hackers.

Whatever strategy you choose you’re far more likely to visit the site you wish to access if you have a sound plan in place to work from.

Use these tips for visiting blocked websites.

Use a VPN

A VPN – or virtual private network – gives you access to blocked websites. Imagine if you’re expecting money transferred to you through a payment processor while living in India. Some payment processors block access to their sites through Indian IP addresses due to large scale scams perpetuated in this country.

Instead of throwing up your hands in disgust you can use a VPN to log in through an IP address located in another country. You can use the United States or any other nation which is virtually never blacklisted by large payment processors or financial institutions.

You can use a VPN for a small monthly fee. You would download the application and log in whenever you want to access a blocked website.

Use a Proxy Server

You can unblock websites using a proxy server. Proxies are essentially computers which relay information between 2 connections. You can access the blocked website as the proxy intercepts the information from the website and forwards it to your computer.

Proxy servers get around the block by masking your IP address. Proxy servers offer you increased internet speed compared to VPNs.

Visit Internet Cafes and other Hotspots Frequented by Hackers

The third, more risky option is to visit active internet cafes to receive the latest and greatest strategies to hack blocked websites. Countries like China host a large number of these cafes as the nation blocks a huge scale of social media websites. Frustrated hackers and other crafty web users have found different ways and means to get around the edict of the government.

The first 2 options are the safer, more dependable alternatives but if you want to learn a bit more about how to access restricted sites in different nations you may be able to connect with skilled techies who can help you use various strategies to access a blocked website.