Why Social Media Is Important For Your Business

Social Media is the modern equivalent of word of mouth with a single, massive distinction – the range of that word now spreads not to simply each ear within the range of your voice, but to potentially every browser on the internet today. If that simple fact doesn’t give you a clear understanding of just how potent SM is as a marketing tool then you should consider simply closing your doors now and moving on.
It goes even beyond the number of people on the internet today into the clear evidence that Google and other search engines have altered their algorithms to accommodate the growing dependence and human fascination with social media. Those who have falsely claimed that the trend will die out in the coming years simply have no understanding of human nature and the wise business-head will look at it simply in terms of what people need.
From Facebook to Twitter people have a need to be both seen and heard, to weigh in with their opinion even if they know that they have no background in the topic being discussed. Social media is exactly that, it’s a social experience and people are far more concerned with sharing their daily experiences than taking about serious events. The kinds of things being tweeted about or shared are casual encounters with the companies that they encountered on the day.
The danger for companies here is that there’s very little a corporate entity can do to defend its online reputation unless it’s running a social media campaign. If one of your staff happens to be having a bad day and gives a new client sloppy service then you can bet that they’re going to take it out on your company online later that day. When someone else begins to search for the services which you offer Google will assist them in referencing comments which other people have made online about you, which will quickly make them form a first impression.
There are only two defences against this, perfect service from every member of your team every single day or online reputation management (ORM) and brand awareness. You need to activate your brand online and engage with your target market out there through your company Facebook account and Twitter feed. Modernised companies have turned the competition upside down with creative and well thought out campaigns and you can’t afford to lose anymore ground.
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