UGC Essentials: How to Embed Instagram on Website

Almost any company posts pictures or encourages its customers to use social networks to build awareness for their brands. But surprisingly only a few of them show Instagram content on their websites. Usually, a lot is invested into planning and creating Instagram videos and posts, so it makes sense to use this potential on your main web resource, which brings many benefits. Instagram content brings a fresh look and feel to your business website. It shows that your company invests into the community, is active online and interacts with the customers. So let’s learn how to embed Instagram on website!

Integration options

  • Adding individual posts manually

Inserting a single post is easy. Just navigate to the post and you will notice a 3 dot menu button in the top left corner. Proceed by clicking this button and you will see several options including Embed to a website. Tap on this option and copy the data shown in the pop-up window. Next, paste this installation code of your Instagram post into your website (in a custom HTML) block, and it will be automatically converted into an embedded element. Finished! The process is simple! You can also adjust some parameters, e.g. specify the width of the post, hide the captions, and only show the frame-trapped image.

Important: Note that this method only works if you have a business account. To embed specific posts in a blog or website, the associated account cannot be set to private. To make an account public, navigate to profile and click Edit > Privacy & Security. Uncheck the “Private Account” option and you should be done.

  • Third party social media plugin

Meta’s does not provide any ready-to-use plugin that would allow displaying content from your profile. Therefore, in order to embed Instagram, you need to use third-party plugins. These plugins work by allowing you to link your account or a hashtag of your choice and then display a gallery of your recent posts.

This is an easy and effortless choice for beginners, and you should take a look at the user-friendly integration solutions available today.

  • Develop custom Instagram web app

If you are tech-savvy and able to code, you might also consider making a plugin yourself. First, you need to request an authentication token that gives you access to the official API.

How to embed Instagram feed to website

In order to embed Instagram on website with the help of a widget just follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to the Instagram Widget demo.

Link your Instagram profile to the interface or type a hashtag you want to display. Then you can set up a filter for photos and customize the look of the widget.

  1. Register an account.

Sign up at Elfsight to get access to your admin panel and copy the installation code there.

  1. Add an HTML block to your website.

Login to your CMS account and create a custom HTML element on the page or website template where you want to embed Instagram content.

  1. Enter the installation code.

Paste the code  that you copied at the Elfsight board to the HTML block.

And that’s it! Visit the website to see how it looks. And if you happen to encounter some issues during installation, the support team professionals can handle it for you without any additional charges, which is another nice thing about this company.

Who needs it

About five percent of people on Instagram take action after being inspired by its content— whether it’s shopping, donating, buying, sharing, or visiting a website. You should use that conversion rate to your advantage!

Using your business site to drive traffic to social media accounts will also increase your influence on the web, especially photo sharing platforms. Instagram algorithms can be tricky, especially for small businesses and extremely niche brands. But if you have a working website, you can easily get the statistics – views and likes – you need.

When you embed Instagram, it builds trust with your readers and adds credibility and authenticity to your brand. Your clients would see a consistent and strong web presence, personality, and feel more connected to your brand. And the added benefit is showing your curated feed potential sponsors and/or partners, that may add unexpected revenue streams to your brand.

Also, the visual appeal of Instagram content can do wonders for your site’s aesthetics. You can easily draw attention to an image of your product and get amazing web content. Your social posts integration also provides customers with an updated portfolio page. It’s a great way to showcase your services or make a lifestyle look for your brand.

Another benefit of the plugin is the testimonials of real people for your brand in the form of comments. It’s a manageable way to build trust and keep up a regular stream of unofficial testimonials. This also helps to keep your homepage clear.


A decision to embed Instagram on website is extremely beneficial for any business. This helps to build a wide community and the base of loyal customers. It doesn’t require any substantial investments of time and money from you.  Displaying social content can be automated through social aggregation tools, like the widget we’ve mentioned above. All in all, it is recommended to embed Instagram not only to raise trust and sales, but also to add some interactivity, vibrancy, and creativity.

We have told you about some effective ways to display Instagram content on any webpage. Now you can think to yourself how you can use it to highlight the strong traits of your business for your visitors. It is possible to encourage visitors to spend more time on your site, generate more leads, increase your conversions and brand awareness.