HVAC Tips For Summer Months

Summer’s here and it’s time to chill out. Follow these simple tips to feel cool and boost energy efficiency.

Handle Some Maintenance on Your Own

Do it yourself homeowners can clean or change air filters and can tidy up the area outside of the unit to keep your air conditioner functioning properly. Cleaning your air filter is the one thing you need to do which is quick and easy. Clean air filters can drop your unit’s energy consumption by an impressive 15%. Remove and replace disposable filters monthly and wash your reusable filter regularly to save on your energy bills.

This easy task takes minutes yet boosts your aid conditioner’s energy efficiency significantly. Clear away bushes, shrubs, branches and all other forms of vegetation from at least 2 feet away from your unit. Doing so allows your air conditioner to draw in air for cooling. Don’t forget to collect leaves in the fall time. Raking up leaves and other debris helps keep the area around your outside unit clear when winds kick up during the seasonal changes.

Contact the Pros

During more thorough, in-depth annual maintenance you’ll needHVAC professionals to disassemble your air conditioning unit. Specialists can clear clogged drains to improve energy efficiency. Gummed up drains sap energy similar to dirty filters because your air conditioner needs to draw more energy to send out less cool air when operating with a clogged drain.

Technicians can also clean indoor and outdoor units. This includes removing dirt and dust from the fan blades to keep the outdoor condenser fan running properly and cleaning the indoor evaporator coil. Cleaning buildup like dust from the coil helps the air condition to effectively cool air traveling through the unit.

Smart Tips

You can maximize energy efficiency by following a few simple tips. Buy a programmable thermostat to save energy. These types of thermostats can be programmed so that the thermostat raises the indoor temperature when you’re sleeping or at work. The device can also lower the temperature and increase the coolness in your house when you’re at home and active. Modern technology allows you to control the thermostat with your smart phone.

Seal your home to boost energy efficiency. Shut all windows and doors when you’re running your unit. Make sure all nooks, crannies and any heating or cooling ducts are fully sealed to keep out hot air and keep in cool air. Use stoppers to seal the bottom of doors and be mindful of any open spaces between rattling windows and frames to place less stress on your air conditioning unit.

Find an Optimal Temperature

Don’t make the expensive mistake of setting your thermostat to a cold, chilly temperature. Your house won’t cool any more quickly if you drop the dial to anything under your ideal temperature. Stop making your air conditioner work more than is necessary by simply setting your temperature to where you want it. If you raise the temperature slightly every 8 hours you can save money on your cooling bill.