4 Tips for Selling Your Home Using the Internet

ID-100167411Leverage the power of the internet to move your listing. Increased mobile adoption rates and a savvier internet audience demand to see online listings before they take the time and energy to visit your home in person.

Social media is steadily become a player in the home selling market. Whereas sites like Facebook used to be meeting spots for people to share random thoughts now individuals are leveraging the platform to market their home for sale.

Use Facebook to Share Your Listing

Facebook is one of the most monstrous social networks on the planet. Leverage the impressive size and scale of the community. Spreading the word about your home employs the all important concept of leveraging. Think through your friend network. Each one of your friends gives you access to new, fresh networks of their friends. Share your new listing on your Facebook wall to boost the eyeballs on your opportunity. Ask close friends to spread the word to their networks.

Sign Up for Neighborhood Newsletters

Do you belong to your communities’ local newsletter? If your neighborhood has an email newsletter sign up for it. Ask around about placing advertisements for your new listing via the weekly, bi-weekly or monthly email blasted out to the list. Connect with other email subscribers. Form bonds with your neighbors to build your networking circle. Some people may want to live in the same neighborhood yet made need a change of scenery. These potential buyers could swoop in to buy your home if the price is right.

Review Your Agent’s Online Marketing

Most homebuyers start their research online. Make sure your agent’s cyber presentation is up to snuff. If your online listings are bland most buyers will never bother to visit your home. Review the listing copy. Make sure the agent uses power verbs and colorful adjectives to weave an intriguing sell.

How you choose to use words and images dictates how quickly your home moves online. You have no in person energy to add to the listing. Being creative with both indoor and outdoor home shots as well as goading viewers to click through with clever copy can draw in potential buyers with alarming ease.

Post a Youtube Video Showing off Your Home

Purchase a FlipCam to take a tour of your home. Shoot a Youtube video walking through your house to appeal to an internet audience. Make sure to walk through your neighborhood too to give viewers and potential buyers an intimate experience. Remember that buyers need to know the feel of the house and the community before pulling the trigger. Be someone who makes viewers feel at home by sharing neat tidbits about your house and neighborhood.

Mention and visit neighborhood restaurants, coffee houses and schools to represent your home in a positive light. More home owners buy into the community than you’d believe. Make it easy for people to visualize themselves living in your home through the use of video cameras and the internet.

About the Author: Ryan Biddulph helps you sell your home online. He suggests residents of the Southern US to visit RE/MAX in Georgia for their real estate needs.

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