The Best Student University Cities In The World

The Best Student University Cities In The World

Student best cities index QS assessed cities based on 14 criteria that covered 5 key categories, such as : student mix, quality of live, university category and affordability, by doing so this help great in selecting world’s best cities, how long is esta valid help in deciding the best city.

Not all great student cities are winners in everything, most of the lending city in the word are less affordable by many, below is a detailed list of lending student university cities in the world.


· It is the lending city in the world, located in France, it offers an overwhelming 17 university, it’s one less London which has the most, however Paris is an expensive place to live but this is counterbalanced by relatively low tuition cost, thriving student community and high quality live.

· In empowering the community Paris is ranked the best in France, thus the graduate of local university are on high demand in this region.


· It is second from Paris it is in UK it scores strong ranking category of index with a total of 18 ranked institution one more than Paris, it produces 2 of the top ten world best university. This city also scores well in student mix and employer activity.

· This city offer an impressive range of leading education facilities, within a culture hub buzzing, night life and international diversity here is well coordinated.


· This city has a growing reputation as world’s greatest city, it is home of only two top ranked university but this does not hinder it as one of the best world student cities.

· This city is small and densely populated with foreigners making about 42%; this city offers large employment activities to many people.


· This city is wildly known of its cityscape along the harbor, beaches and iconic Sydney opera house, Sydney has gained a high mark due to its quality live, tuition fee is high compared to those in London, apart from affordability it scores high on other categories.


· This city offers 7 ranked universities, this city also offers high quality education that is very marketable, but scores less than Sydney in quality of live, it is known as Australia’s cultural capital in student mix in index it scores highest marks, it enjoys good weather , quality nightlife and beaches.


· This is the largest city in Switzerland, this cities offer high quality live of which it is widely known, it offers good infrastructure, it has good proximity to world beautiful scenery and enjoys low crime rate, it earns best score high in top five affordability. It has two ranked university which are both ranked among world’s top 100.

Hong Kong

· This is Asia second student university , this is the most affordable city for one to settle in , it has relative low daily living expenses but rent is somehow expensive it’s one of the world populated city and enjoy good security .


This is one of the best known and loved student cities, it has world class arts and rich history and culture, this city offers an outstanding academic credentials.