8 Reasons Why Sports Fans Love Daytona Beach

8 Reasons Why Sports Fans Love Daytona Beach

When people think of Daytona Beach they often think of traditional activities like teenagers on Spring Break, Bike Week for motorcycle lovers, or the annual Turkey Run car show during the week of Thanksgiving. But for many, thinking about Daytona Beach brings to mind their favorite sports.

American attorney and Republican Party politician Rick Santorum once said, “NASCAR and the Daytona 500 are about as American as you can get.” While it is true that any racing fans think about NASCAR when they think about this major Florida city, Daytona Beach is home to types of sporting events as well.

From team sports like soccer and baseball to activities that you can do by yourself, like golf and surfing, Daytona Beach offers something for everyone. Some people plan a visit to Daytona Beach around a major sporting event. Others plan to go just to enjoy the beach itself. Whatever the reason, it is almost impossible to have a bad vacation here.

The Home of Many Types of Sports

Daytona Beach is a premier destination for many types of people, but especially sports fans. That is because Daytona Beach is such a sports-oriented city, appealing to fans regardless of the type of sport they enjoy. Here are eight major sports and where you can find them on your next trip to Daytona Beach.

  1. The Daytona 500 – Held each year in February, the Daytona 500 is the biggest event in a NASCAR season. It offers more hall-of-fame moments than any other race, and fans say that it is the epitome of live racing experiences.
  2. LPGA International – Play eighteen holes on the home course of the LPGA Tour in Daytona Beach. Many LPGA golfers hail from the Sunshine State, and more specifically, Pay Meyers is an alumni from Daytona State College.
  3. Daytona Cubs – Visiting Daytona Beach during baseball season is not complete without taking in a Cubs game. If visiting this premier Florida city with the family, sign the kids up for Cubby’s Club so they can flash their membership card at the game.
  4. Major Beach Soccer – This soccer festival grows in popularity with each season, especially in the city of Daytona Beach. It features small-sided games with teams of 5 intermingled with both promotional and social activities throughout the day and lasting into the evening.
  5. Tennis – Located in Daytona Beach, the Florida division of the United States Tennis Association promotes and develops Tennis in Florida. You can watch a tournament where winners receive as much as $10,000 to $25,000 in prizes.
  6. Florida Panthers – While Daytona Beach has plenty of indoor ice rinks where you can practice your skating, the Florida Panthers are just a few hours’ drive from the city by car. Taking in a game is the perfect way to see more of the sunshine State while cheering for the home team.
  7. Surfing – While surfing leads often brings the Pacific Ocean to mind, Daytona Beach, Florida offers plenty of opportunity to hit the waves in the Atlantic Ocean. Families, couples, or even singles visiting the beach can watch surfing competitions or sign up for lessons.
  8. College Events – The National Junior College Athletic Association, also known as the NJCAA  offers plenty of games. Just visit the website of your favorite Daytona Beach junior college for current schedules and ticket information.

As you can see, while the beach itself is a main attraction, Daytona offers plenty of activities related to sports for all levels of enthusiasts. Whether staying along the 23-miles of beach or deeper within the city, there is lodging to fit every budget, from singles on Spring Break to families attending the Daytona 500.

Sports-Friendly Activities After Dark

After a sporting event, visitors to Daytona Beach will appreciate the wide range of sports bars and restaurants with a sports theme. Along with delicious fare to tempt almost any palate, many of these venues use features such as multiple television screens that each show a different sporting event to lure in patrons.

As you can see, Daytona Beach is more than a hot spot for young people looking for a bit of revelry over Spring Break. With all the sporting events that take place in and around the city, it is also the premier destination for sporting fans regardless of the type of sport or time of year.

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