Streetwear Brands You Need To Buy For 2021

Streetwear Brands You Need To Buy For 2021

Streetwear has been a popular style for many years now. It is a style that does not seem to be going out of fashion as well. Brands seem to be jumping on the bandwagon of streetwear. In fact, many outerwear brands have collaborated with premium brands to create streetwear clothing. 

One thing that has changed with streetwear is the brands that make it. The odd few become recognised for streetwear forever. Others will dip into the market for a few years then leave. Nonetheless, it is a consistent style so, here are a few streetwear brands that you should consider buying in 2021. 


Shawn Stussy, the man behind the Stussy brand, invented streetwear. This wonderful style took over America with surfers and skaters. Shawn Stussy originally started scribbling his name on surfboards before making his graphic t-shirts. 

This began back in the 1980s and quickly grew across the United States. The logo was then printed on not only t-shirts but other items of clothing like hoodies and shorts. Stussy is a brand that is still around. However, Shawn Stussy is no longer involved with the brand and with what they release today. 


When you think of streetwear, you associate it with Supreme. The most premium streetwear brand out there has built a fantastic reputation over the past few decades. In fact, it was found not long after Stussy was. A brand that began in New York soon became high in demand due to how they released their clothing. Supreme are behind several collaborations these days with other high end brands. 

Many clothing brands will release their clothes in seasons. Those brands will also have a big sale at the end of those seasons to get rid of the remaining clothes. However, this is very different from Supreme. They release their clothing in “drops”. This means that only a certain amount of a specific example. This caused a lot of hype around the brand and it soon became a massive trend throughout North America. Supreme is a brand that is heavily part of the Chinese fashion culture.


There is an argument in the fashion industry about who created streetwear. Some people will say Americans created streetwear. Other people will say it was Japan. Although Stussy and Supreme created streetwear. Japan created the style that we now know today. 

Neighborhood is the classic dark and moody style of streetwear. It has a brand that has collaborated with other high-end streetwear brands. This includes Adidas, Converse and Dr. Martens. 


Off-White is one of those brands that exploded very quickly onto the streetwear scene. The founder, Virgil Abloh, not only runs his clothing brands but also works with Louis Vuitton’s menswear brand as well. Off-white are one of the more expensive streetwear brands out there. Be prepared to break the bank if you see a piece of off-white clothing that you like. 

The North Face

Originally, this was a brand for those that love the outdoors and going mountaineering. Somehow, it made itself onto the streetwear scene. In fact, their coats and jackets are very popular with UK fashion. 

The North Face has collaborated with many mainstream brands out there. This is how it has gained the recognition that it has today. It is not an overly expensive brand either. Although, their 1996 Nuptske is something that you will have to pay a high price for. Nonetheless, they keep you extremely warm during the winter months. 


Nike is your much cheaper brand on this list for streetwear. Originally, it was one of those brands that targeted sportswear. Now it has made it onto the streets of the United Kingdom and other countries in the western world. Nike is another brand, like The North Face, that has partnered up with many premium brands that make streetwear. Some of these are Supreme, Off-White and Louis-Vuitton. 


We cannot mention Nike without mentioning Adidas. Another brand that is highly involved with sportswear but somehow made it onto the streetwear scene. They became popular in the UK for streetwear just like Nike did. Urban streetwear is common throughout the UK. That is why both Nike and Adidas are so popular. Not to mention that it is high-quality clothing at an affordable price. 

Comme des Garcons

This is a streetwear brand that has become popular in the western world. It is a brand that originally began in Japan. Now, it is a well known international brand when it comes to streetwear. Some people might not even agree that it is a streetwear brand. Although it is something that you see a lot on the streets of Japan. It soon became a popular attire in western Europe. 

Comme des Garcons make basic clothing that has a slight twist to it. CDG are another highly premium brand but, they produce quality clothing. This is one of the reasons why it is so expensive. They produce many pieces of clothing that are suitable across all the different seasons. Comme des Garcons is a brand that turns a classical white t-shirt into a wonderful summer trend.


One final Japanese streetwear brand to finish this wonderful list off. If you know your Japanese streetwear brands then you will know them already. They are probably most famous for the collaboration that they did with Nike. Although it is a Japanese streetwear brand, it was heavily inspired by a British Punk Rock band called the ‘The Sex Pistols’. 

It became really popular during the 1990s, Jun Takahashi’s streetwear brand was a big part of the Ura-Harajuku scene in Tokyo. They were one of the first labels that combined streetwear with casual fashion.   

To Conclude

Streetwear is a very popular fashion trend in 2021. Although this comes as no surprise because of how popular it has been in recent years. It is a trend that you will start to see more and more luxury brands that will be collaborating with streetwear brands. 

The best thing about streetwear fashion is that it is different. It stands out and looks great. Many brands have got on board with this trend and, it does not seem to be slowing down.