When Is The Best Time To Rent An Apartment?

Looking for a new apartment or office space is a challenge in Jenks, Oklahoma? In addition to finding the right place, many people want to find the best possible deal. While many people do not have a choice about when they rent, others do. If you can afford to wait for the best time of year, there are indeed times when renting an apartment is easier.

What Months Have the Best Availability?

May through September, the warm weather months, are generally the best time to rent an apartment. There are many more apartments available during these months. When more apartments are available, it is easier to find one in your desired area and price range. Very few people move in cold weather seasons, so there are fewer vacancies.

There are a few reasons that May through September are the best months to rent. First, many people are going away to college or graduating from college. Second, many families try to move during summer months so as not to disrupt their children’s academic year. Last, the warm weather months are physically the easiest in which to move. No one wants to drive a moving truck through unpleasant Oklahoma winter weather nor carry boxes through rain or ice. These factors create a high rate of turnover from May to September, which makes it easy to find an apartment.
When Is The Best Time To Rent An Apartment

When Is the Cheapest Time to Rent?

Although May through September is the easiest time to find an apartment, it is not always the cheapest. Because of the high turnover rate in these months, you must move quickly. Property managers and landlords in Jenks, Oklahoma are less likely to offer special deals during these times because they are almost assured of finding another prospective tenant. In the winter, there are fewer people looking for an apartment, so managers are more eager to fill vacancies. There are often special move-in deals and some landlords may even be willing to negotiate about price. In general, winter is the cheapest time to rent an apartment… if you can find one.

When Is the Best Time to Rent Overall?

While move-in specials can cut upfront costs of renting, the lack of availability, difficulty in moving one’s belongings, and low turnover rate make winter a generally bad time to rent an apartment. After all, is it really worth saving a couple of hundred dollars one time if you have to live in a less desirable area or in an apartment that doesn’t meet your needs for months or years thereafter? For this reason, May through September are generally the best times for most people to rent an apartment.

If you are looking for an apartment or office space in Jenks, it is time to start researching. There are many properties available at a variety of prices during this time of year. Although there may be good deals in the winter, there is no guarantee that you will find the apartment or office space that you need once the summer move season is over.

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