What Kind of Traveler Are You?

Before packing your bags and deciding to go on spring break with your friends, take a step back and ask each other ‘What kind of traveler are you?’ You would be surprised to discover that not everybody has the same idea of fun when traveling. People go on travels for a variety of reasons. You have yours. Other people have theirs. Although you’d like to subscribe to the belief that arriving safely in whatever destination you plan to get to is the desired result, it will always be worthwhile to enjoy the travel. Your traveling mood therefore sets the tone. Get a good one going by knowing how to get along with your traveling companions like the following:

Seek your own Adventure

Are you an impulsive traveler? Are you ready to be handed a map, trust your instincts and those in your group and go off into the unknown? Most young adults think they are this kind of traveler, but they are not. But if you are looking forward to surfing, water rafting, diving, mountaineering and an adventure in places where there are no roads, make sure that so are the people you are traveling with. If not, you might find yourself on a misadventure. If some prefer to be down in the deep blue sea and others high in the sky where the eagles fly, try rationalizing your skeds so that everyone can have their share of the fun.

Travel Agent, please Plan My Adventure

Are you a prepared traveler? With your itinerary in one hand and your camera in the other – you are ready to cover everything in the travel brochure. Taste the delicacies from the region. You have kept notes of the dos and don’ts of the area. Before you go on that trip, you make it a point to send an Internet fax to each member of your group about your schedules, itinerary, medical backgrounds, credit card details, and scanned copies of your travel documents. You always come prepared. Every circle of friends has onesuch reliable always on ‘top of things’ guy. You would prefer to follow directions and have a safe and well-planned trip.

Traveling in a Bubble

Are you a DND (do not disturb) traveler?  Not everyone wants to be told that they have to wake up at 6 am or they will miss the complimentary breakfast. You want to eat at the same time you have breakfast at home. After all, you are on vacation and not boot camp. You just want to grab a book and relax. You marvel at the sights, take a few pictures at the historical places but are avoiding trying to look like a tourist. You are there to immerse and blend in. Have a few drinks with friends but are not interested in meeting new people there. You enjoy hanging out with the people you came with and talk about the place and the great food.

I jump. You jump

Are you a carefree traveler? If this is you, then you are the best person to travel with. You are the perfect blend of all the different types of travelers. You are willing to try just about anything for as long as they do no harm. You seem to live for the purpose of pleasing others. Hopefully, your enthusiasm is contagious and you fill in the 5% with your charm and wit, to make the travel part of whatever trip you go on truly worth it. Not all travelers may be like you but definitely, carefree travelers are ones sure to enjoy themselves most.