The Top 5 Gadgets To Give A Soon To Be Ex-Bachelor

Everyone knows that women get lots of gifts during their bridal shower. But if your long-time buddy is also getting ready to walk down the aisle, you don’t want him to be left out.
Since his freedom is about to be gone for good,
the least you can do is give him something cool that he can enjoy while he’s stuck at home on the weekends instead of out tearing it up with his boys.
All joking aside, whether you’re personally looking for a great gift for your bud or
want an awesome gift that your entire group can give to him, he’ll definitely enjoy any of the following five gadgets:

iPad Mini

When Apple first debuted the iPad Mini, there were a lot of jokes about it being nothing more than an oversized iPhone.
Since the standard iPad was already quite portable, people had a hard time understanding why someone would want a device that was smaller but still too big to fit in their pocket.
However, as soon as people started picking up the iPad Mini and actually using it, they quickly changed their tune. Its smaller size and sharp display make it a delight to use.
And the added portability really does make a difference. If you want the best deal on this device, Walmart carries the 16GB model for $299.

Pax Vaporizer

If you’ve always thought of your friend as a free spirit, you can be confident that he’ll get a ton of use out of this great gadget.
Regardless of the specific one, vaporizers are great because while they provide the same enjoyment as smoking, they provide a much better delivery method.
But what makes the Pax vaporizer so special is it’s 100% portable.
At just 4.1″ in length, the recipient of this gift will be able to be able to keep this device in his pocket and take it wherever he wants.
When he’s ready to use it, this portable vaporizer can heat up in as little as thirty seconds.
In addition to the vaporizer itself, it also comes with a charger, screen, lid and cleaning kit. You can find the Pax vaporizer online for $249.

UP Wristband

Is your buddy a bit of a data nerd? If so, this gadget is perfect for him. This simple and stylish wristband makes it possible to track sleep, activity and eating patterns.
It also functions as a smart alarm for naps and sleeping at night. Since it vibrates instead of ringing, he’ll be able to get up whenever he needs to without disturbing his wife.
Another cool feature is if he’s been sitting for too long during the day, it will remind him to get up and move around for awhile.
Not only is this gadget packed with features, but it actually looks really good. It’s available in eight different colors,
and is compatible with just about every smartphone. You can find this online or in stores like Best Buy for $129.

Korg MicroKey

If your friend likes to make music and entertain others, he’ll have an absolute blast using Korg’s mini keyboard.
Since it plugs right into an iPad through the USB port, it’s perfect for spinning up custom jams at parties.
Even though it’s small and portable, the microKey doesn’t lack for features. In addition to its twenty-five keys,
it also has arpeggiator buttons, an octave shift and modulation wheels.
You can order this great little instrument from the official Korg website for $119.

Beats By Dr. Dre

Even if your friend isn’t into creating music, he may be passionate about enjoying it.
Whether he likes obscure indie, old school hip-hop or the latest death metal, headphones are the best way for people to connect with the music that they love most.
If you want him to have headphones that sound great and actually look cool, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Beats By Dr. Dre.
While it’s been over a decade since he’s released an album of his own, that hasn’t stopped Dr. Dre from helping to build one of the hottest headphone companies in the world.
The popularity of these headphones comes from their awesome bass, comfortable fit, durability and stylish look.
You can find them in most online and offline electronics retailers starting at $249.

 photo bachelor_smoking_cigar2_zps2183b956.jpg

Although you may be bummed that your bud’s life is about to change dramatically, at least you get to look forward to surprising him with a gift,
followed by going all out with one more night of debauchery together during the bachelor party!

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