Things to Do in Negombo

Negombo has made its name as a western influenced resort and also it is the home to the largest community of Catholics in Sri Lanka. Negombo offers a fully loaded package of holidays as you can do and experience several things on your visit to this beautiful place. Negombo has plenty of attractions and best known for the sightseeing. Believe me, if your family members are asking to you for a holiday then take them to the Negombo in Sri Lanka. As place has many folds and attractions which make your trip memorable. Let’s discuss about some things do in Negombo.


Negombo is full of beautiful canals and scenic views, if you are a newly-wed couple or going with family on trip then I suggest you to take a boat ride first of all as it will make your day. Take a good camera along with you to capture all precious moments and natural glances. Also you can take a boat ride from some splendor beaches; they mostly are of some fishermen who sometimes offer tourists a boat ride around the shore and delta of river. So, enjoy to the fullest and have a great time.

Visit Local Fish Market

Negombo is the place of fishermen and you will find a full variety of fishes in local market. If you like fish in your meal then I would suggest you to stroll to the local fish market as it is absolutely authentic. All natural diets are available here and it’s a good spot for those who seeking for somewhat different places to see and experience.

Dutch Fort

Negombo is situated by the shores and one has been a trading port for Dutch and Portuguese. If you want to quick access to airport then it is an ideal place for you as it is situated very close to the International Airport. Dutch Fort comes into the most visited and a popular attraction of Negombo and it was built in 1672 which is now converted into a part of prison. You can easily access to the place by public transportation.

Angurukaaramulla Temple

If you are quite spiritual and also want the same in your trip to Negombo then I would like to add a place regarding your interest, Angurukaaramulla Temple is a nice big temple in Negombo and has a giant Buddha statue. Also the place has many old paintings and murals; the architecture of the temple is spectacular. Millions of visitors come every year to spend some time here.

Parties and Night-Life

Negombo is the place of beautiful beaches and refreshing youths who love to party. If you are looking for something interesting and want to get out from the hotel at night then here you will find a plenty of places where you can spend your all night. Negombo has many bars and lounges where you can dance all night on the beats of rock music.

Negombo has everything you want in your holidays, all you need is to pack your luggage and book your flight tickets. This time you will have an ultimate experience of holidays.