Dine with Gordon Ramsay at The London West Hollywood Hotel

There may be no chef more famous than Chef Ramsay. American families have likely seen him appear on a variety of food-related or cookie shows on all types of networks. Currently, he stars in two prime time shows that highlight his ability to organize, manage and coerce one or a team of chefs into producing some of the finest meals that are often judged by the most discerning food critics. Regardless of his presence on television, there is nothing to compare to the experience of fine dining under his tutelage and expert eye and tastes for food combinations and flavors.

Stay at The London West Hollywood Hotel for the Food

Under the expert organization and direction of the hotel’s Executive Chef Anthony Keene, Gordon Ramsay has re-interpreted some of the region’s most famous dishes to mesh better with today’s current California lifestyles. While the settings are obviously of the most elite, the foods used are also the most flavorful, organic, seasonal and fresh local produce served on a wide array of small dinner plates. Visitors can choose from available private salons in which to enjoy an intimate or private dinner, or join others at the amazingly elegant central cocktail bar. Not only does Gordon’s menu pervade the hotel in its comprehensive coverage of all dining options that occur in most hotel and dining establishments, but there are several settings in which you can enjoy his fine-tuned menus.

Boxwood Cafe

This is a more casual option that supplies a bistro-style environment for those who may not be prepared to take on some of Ramsay’s more formal menus. The Boxwood Cafe features all of the fresh fruit, artisan breads, cheeses and coffees made by a professional barista that you could ask for. Boxwood serves an A la carte breakfast as well as a table buffet in the AM, while continuing on into the evening hours with an all-day dining menu, as well as weekend brunches and afternoon tea service.

Rooftop Dining

There may be no other experience like dining from atop the roof where the lush atmosphere and environment is only improved upon by the all-encompassing panoramic view of the city below. Pair that with the fabulous food and you have a dinner service you aren’t likely to forget.

In-Suite Dining

If you do not feel like leaving your luxurious quarters, you can still ring up a fabulous and famous Gordon Ramsay meal and enjoy it in the privacy of your room.

Considering the menu organized by Chef Ramsay is utilized for breakfast, lunch, dinner and weekend brunches. For excellent food, LA and Hollywood are foodie heaven – and part of that has to be the efforts of Chef Gordon Ramsay!

The Author has always enjoyed the food industry and her love of it stops nothing short of the dishes that are created by our world’s most famous chefs and food connoisseurs. One of her favorite chefs to dine with is Gordon Ramsay at the London West Hollywood Hotel.