Elon Musk Revealed How He Is Going To Serve Technology Sector In Next Couple Of Years

Everybody knows about the dynamic vision of the Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk. It would not be wrong if I say that Elon Musk is the most visionary billionaire in the world who has his own method of view towards everything. That is why every person who is related to technology and biggest critics on the internet is calling the plans of Elon Musk nothing short of ambitious for next decades.

However, the Elon Musk and his vision can never go undermine because he was the one who first claimed to introduce self-driving cars commercially and he did that. Moreover, by breaking down his ambition and limiting it to the next couple of years, things start looking doable and realistic which cannot be called as idealistic. Apart from his promise of increasing his car production and the launch of one or two completely new self-driving cars which will conquer entire self-driving vehicles by 2020.

By breaking down all his ambitions, we are now getting a much realistic leap from the future of the technology that we can be sure is going to happen because Elon is committed to it. In this article, I am going to give all the tech related students a Custom Essays because, in the next lines, you are going to read about the future programs of the Elon Musk in the technology sector.

Elon’s Giant Battery Factory:

The size of this battery 5.5 million square feet is enough to stun every tech geek. The Elon Musk’s giant battery factory is situated in the Nevada is the key of the Tesla’s all future endeavors. After the completion, this giant factory would help the company to cut the cost of its batteries expenditures which would make a great impact on the Musk’s net worth.

This giant Gigafactory will be using economies of scale, innovative manufacturing, and reduction of waste items and will optimize locating by manufacturing most of the things under one roof. This will be going to save as much as 30% of the battery expenses of the Elon’s expenditures when it is fully operational.

In the end, because it is from the Elon, he is not going to stop with only one such Gigafactory and aim to build more than all of the lithium ion battery makers in 2013.

Model 3 and Model Y by the End of this Year:

As promised before, Elon is not going to stop until he gets his hands on every automobile market of Europe and USA. The Tesla with the initial operations of its Gigafactory is all set to market the Model 3 of Tesla. The designs and the reservations are already in the process due to its much hype. According to words from the horse’s mouth, Model 3 will be on the roads before the end of this year. The estimated price of the Model 3 is $35,000 which can go more than 200 miles per charge.

With the attitude of “more” from the Elon, he could also launch a new model with the name Model Y. He also tweeted about it in the past by saying that Tesla would also reveal a Model Y. However, he deleted that tweet just after some hours but that time was enough to make all the speculations about Model Y. Another word from the horse’s mouth is that Model Y is going to be a special edition car with limited production scale and going to be the crossover of the Model 3.

So there is a possibility that we could see not one but two all electrical charged self-driven vehicles in next couple of years.

Will double the Tesla Superchargers Numbers:

Since Tesla is committed to not double but triples their production of the cars, they are going to need more super chargers on the road. However, production and the installations of these superchargers are not as easy as it is to install any other source of fuel. That is why we may seem this as the hurdle to achieving a lot of milestones in the automobile industry. However, to cope with this situation, Tesla is taking different steps and producing more superchargers is the beginning.

At this moment Tesla has around 4,000 superchargers all around the world. The majority of these superchargers are installed in those cities which have the most number of Tesla vehicles on the roads. However, with the end of this year, Tesla is going to increase these numbers by two times and make it 8,000 superchargers worldwide. They are also going to install them according to their need which depends on the numbers of cars on the road.

Want to Conquer the Energy Sector:

The idealist approach of the Elon has taken him that far and now he wants to idealize more things like conquering the energy sector. The Elon Musk doesn’t only want Tesla to produce the vehicles that run on electricity, but he also wants to produce the electricity to power them. For that ambition, the Tesla in June 2016 announced that they are going to acquire Solar City. The Solar City is the solar power company which is owned by the Elon’s cousin Lyndon Rive, and the Musk is also the chairman of the company. Later in the November 21st of 2016, the Tesla got a majority of the shares of Solar City, and now they are on their way of making the Tesla a giant in the energy sector too.

With the lock of this deal, the Elon is clear about his long term vision for the Tesla and to make it a full-service sustainable energy company. This ambition of the Tesla and Musk is not limited to the energy sector, but it also has a bigger goal. Elon is very clear about producing all the energy with solar plants and by using only natural ways of producing the energy which doesn’t emit any gasses which are not good for the environment. If he became successful in making Tesla a giant in the energy sector, then it would be great for the global climate when one of the biggest energy sector company only produce energy with natural methods.

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