Online Presence Competition among Auto Companies

Online presence for large companies has become mandatory and many auto-companies are spending million and billions of dollars on online marketing. Looking for the products online comprehensively is one of the easiest ways for consumers to select from different choices. It helps consumers to save their time and money.

Many companies have felt the need for online presence. Some companies do not have any physical presence but are earning through their online stores in millions. The online presence has also raised competition among auto manufacturing companies. The buyers nowadays prefer to view all the specifications of the cars online and then go to showroom for finalizing the deal. The quality, cost, and style are the main features that the buyers search online for vehicle. Many companies are now providing extensive details online about the vehicles that makes easy for the buyers to finalize the product. Some of the interesting details about online competition among auto-companies are mentioned below:

Hyundai Initiative

Hyundai is emphasizing and working hard to improve its online presence. You can easily find the car specifications, mileage, prices, ads on, and other details on Hyundai site. The official site is usually the first impression for the consumers. Many consumers do online research before buying the car. Hyundai is working on constant feedback method that helps her to improve the online presence.

Google Survey about Online auto Shopping

One of Google study reveals that online window-shopping is increasing. Many consumers change their decision regarding cars after looking at the official sites and reading reviews. The study involved a sample of 10,000 vehicle buyers, and the results show that 63% of the vehicle buyers search for vehicle keeping in mind the brand they want to buy. However, it is surprising that 20% of the consumers end up in buying the same vehicle that had in their mind initially. Consumers spend 73% of their time in cross shopping and looking for the similar cars and brands. Auto consumers on average start searching for vehicle three months before buying.

Role of Other Sites

Many consumers do search cars on different websites as well. The review sites get heavy traffic. Many companies are also targeting auto reviews in their marketing strategy. Some companies also hire team of writers that are intended to right good blogs about their products. Dirty games are also played in this strategy. Some writers are also hired to write negative about the competitors.

Social Media Networks

The role of social media networks in online marketing and sales is increasing with every single day. Large auto manufacturing companies have a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter etc and they spend billions of dollars on these sites. General Motors spent nearly $40 million last year only for Facebook presence. The auto companies also hire the services of online marketing companies to reach their potential customers through these social media network. Companies have realized that the financial return from spending on such sites is very high, that is why they are focusing highly on these sites.

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