A Pain Clinic Can Treat Diabetic Neuropathy Pain

A Pain Clinic Can Treat Diabetic Neuropathy Pain

Millions of people have diabetes, and as their condition is being treated, they can still experience a lot of medical conditions that are a result of the fact they have too much sugar in their bloodstream. One medical condition they can end up with is called diabetic neuropathy, which is when the sugar in the body ends up damaging the nerves causing the person to feel pain. To help deal with the diabetic neuropathy pain, people go to a pain clinic.

Ways A Pain Clinic Can Treat Neuropathy Pain

Every person with pain whether it is diabetic neuropathy or not is a different case, and the people who work at the pain clinic are going to have to speak to the person with the diabetic nerve pain about their medical history, their condition, and exactly what problems they have been having. Once all the evaluating has been done, then it will be time to discuss the various treatment options for dealing with the nerve pain. Here are some tips that the experts at the pain facility can recommend as a way to lessen the pain and make it more manageable:

 – Controlling Blood Sugar:

A pain clinic doctor is going to tell diabetics that the first thing they need to do to relieve their diabetic neuropathy pain is to get better control over their blood sugar. The more out of control their sugar gets, the worse their pain is going to be, and the nerve pain may just be the first step of nerve problems that may eventually lead to the loss of their limbs.

 – Regular Exercise can help with Nerve Damage:

Even when people do get their blood sugar under control, they may still have nerve damage from the time when the sugar was not under control. In order to help heal those damaged nerves, pain specialists from the clinic are going to recommend that people get regular exercise like walking. When people walk at least three times a week, they will start to feel better and the nerve damage will be healed.

 – Taking Vitamin B:

When people have diabetes, their bodies go through a lot because there is too much sugar in their blood. Also, because of the excessive amounts of sugar, diabetics tend to be deficient in other areas like lacking certain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that can help when it comes to controlling nerve pain. The B family of vitamins is especially good when it comes to dealing with nerves. The best B vitamins to take for the nerves are B1, B6, B9, and B12, and people need to read the labels to ensure they are taking a safe amount because too much can cause more harm to the nerves then help protect them.

Diabetics have a lot to deal with because there is too much sugar in their bodies. One side effect of too much sugar is called diabetic neuropathy. When people have pain caused by diabetes they go to a pain clinic to see what their options are on how to deal with it. With the help of a pain facility, people can get pain relief before their nerves are damaged permanently.