Celebrities And The Hair Designs They Choose Set Trends

Celebrities And The Hair Designs They Choose Set Trends

Who are the trendsetters in the country today? The answer is celebrities, naturally. While most people might not have the money or the fame, they can follow some of the things that celebrities do, and hair designs happens to be one of them. Both male and female celebrities can be trendsetters when it comes to hair. Look at some of the most famous celebrities and hair designs that they’ve had over the years. In some cases, the designs will catch on and people will start copying what they do. In other cases, the styles will fizzle before they get too far off the ground. You can also check his great post 25 celebrities hair cuts

Jennifer Anniston and the “Rachel”

Almost as soon as the show Friends hit the air, women started asking their stylists to give them “the Rachel”. As the television show progressed, so did Anniston’s hairstyles. While the other designs may not have been quite as famous as the “Rachel” was, they were still popular. Many women continued following the styles of Anniston.

The Kate Gosselin Phenomena

The success of the television reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 was a surprise to many, and so was Kate’s influence on hair design for the nation. Even reality celebrities had hair designs that were catching on. In fact, quite a few women around the country copied her various hairstyles through the show’s run.

Farrah Fawcett’s Feathers

The feathery layers of this Charlie’s Angels star was the look that helped to define the mid to late-70s for many, and it was a precursor of the big hair that was to dominate the 1980s.

Meg Ryan’s Messy Do

In the 1980s, and into the 90s, Meg Ryan was one of the biggest celebrities in the country, and many women wanted to emulate her shaggy, cropped haircut. This was a popular look, but it was difficult for people to pull off with any level of success, and it really looked good on few people besides Ryan.

Katy Perry’s Retro/Modern Combo

The styles of Katy Perry are one of a kind right now, but she is one of the celebrities with hair designs that are sure to become more popular. The singer has hairstyles that evoke a retro feel similar to the pinups of the WWII era, but they have modern twists, including fun and funky colors.

Men’s Hairstyles

Women are not the only celebrities with hair designs that make people want to copy them. Many men have had their own famous hairstyles over the years. One of the first that will likely spring to mind is George Clooney and the Caesar style haircut he had throughout much of his run on ER and several films. The shaved head, as seen through celebs such as Vin Diesel, Sam Jackson, and Bruce Willis is popular as well, and may be one of the most popular when it comes to celebrities and hair designs. Many men find they look better when they shave their head, and it certainly cuts down on the amount of work they have to do to keep it looking good.

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