Crazy Upgrades for Wealthy Home Owners

You would be forgiven to think that wealthy homeowners only enjoy living in big houses. However, the truth is that their houses are not only huge, but they also have home fixtures that you wouldn’t expect to find in a normal home. Whether chosen out of personal preference, convenience, or class, these top 5 crazy upgrades will no doubt make your jaw drop. They are nonetheless worth investing in if you can afford the costs.

crazy upgrades

An Indoor Rock-Climbing Wall

If you love competitive sports, you will definitely find an indoor rock-climbing wall to be an exciting home improvement. This crazy idea was found in a small home in Silverthorne, Colorado. Resembling an actual rock, the indoor rock-climbing wall for this particular home cost approximately $100,000 to design. Well, if you are not able to shell out that much money for a custom-made rock-climbing wall, you can use the idea and opt for an affordable one instead. Of course, one would need a house with high ceilings to put up the wall, but once installed, you can enjoy rock-climbing from the comfort of your home!

A Residential/Home Elevator

Elevators are often found in multi-storied buildings, but they are nowadays becoming a common feature in modern homes. But, why would anyone choose to add a residential elevator to his or her home? Well, apart from luxury, home elevators can prove to be quite functional in certain circumstances. For instance, installing a lift in your home would be a great idea if you have a sick or physically challenged family member that finds it hard to get down the stairs. In addition, this home improvement will increase the value of your home. The best part about home elevators is that you can find many companies nowadays that install residential lifts that require little maintenance.

Glass Wine Cellar

Perhaps you have seen a traditional wine cellar before, but imagine one made of glass. One example of this home upgrade is that of a house in Nashville, Tennessee. This home was upgraded with a glass ceiling wine cellar that can be viewed from a room above it. The wine vault even features custom-made acrylic arches, LED lighting and vintage gothic-themed décor. It costs a whooping 500,000 dollars to install.

An Indoor Cinema Room

An indoor theatre is a great home improvement for those that love movies and have some unused space in the house. You can convert your basement or the playroom into a cinema room for watching TV. This idea is doable, and it doesn’t cost as much as the above featured home upgrades. It is also a fun home improvement because you can customize the interior décor according to your favourite movies.

Aquarium Bed

For those fascinated by aquatic life, there would be no better way to create a sea-themed bedroom than with an aquarium bed. Imagine a customized bed with an aquarium built around the head side of your bed. It would definitely help you have sweet dreams after falling asleep and wake up to the captivating sight of an aquarium.

Author Bio: Jack Sams is a blogger from Australia with keen interests in Psychology, Technology and Gadgets. When he’s not working with the team at Grant Elevators you will find him surfing along the North Coast or sharing his stories, tips and insights at various blogs around the web.