The Five Best Ways To Travel in England

If you’re planning a vacation to the UK and don’t have a lot of spare Wonga as the Cockneys often term cash, then here are five great ways to get around cheaply:
1. Cycle
Remember that England isn’t big by Canadian standards. The entire distance from the major city in the north east, of Newcastle upon Tyne, to Plymouth in the south west, for example, is just over 400 miles. So if you’re a keen cyclist and you do your research thoroughly and pick the quieter routes – this is a great way to get around in the milder months.
2. Walk
For the same reasons cycling is a great option here if you pick the quieter roads, so is walking. England – or the UK – isn’t that large a place and if you really have time to kill, the best way to see some of the country’s famously glorious countryside and to sample as many of its famous country pubs as your legs can stand is on foot. There really is no better way to see olde England.
3. Take the train or coach
Although UK trains can be expensive, they can also be really great value if you don’t travel at peak times. The rail system is dense (in the sense of being concentrated!) and very frequent. So buy an excellent value for money “BritRail” pass for the duration of your stay. Similarly, get a “Young Person’s Coachcard” from National Express card and go by coach.
4. Hitch-hike
Hitch-hiking is legal in the UK if you do it in the right (safe) places where cars have room to pull over. But be prepared to wait; these days, English drivers are far more reluctant to pick up hitch-hikers than they were as there are more con-artists around. So write your destination clearly on a sign, have your rucksack on show to show you’re a genuine tourist, make sure you look presentable and be patient.
5. Buy a car
If you’re coming to the UK for a long stay, it may be worth buying a cheap reliable car – or asking an English friend to do this for you before you arrive. Cars can be very cheap to buy and, if you know what you’re looking for, you should get most of your cash back. Alternatively – ask a friend to do this for you and to name you on his / her insurance in return for the cash of course.
Above all – stay safe.