How Your Smartphone Can Help To Keep You On The Road

Using a smartphone while you are driving is clearly a terrible idea, not to mention the fact that it could result in you being swiftly taken off the road. However, there are a number of 4G phones in the UK that might help to make your experience behind the wheel all the more enjoyable.

Those with an iPhone 5 may already be aware that it comes with a number of inbuilt features that can help them get from A to B a little more easily, such as Maps.  However, the device can also assist with navigating you from door to door, in much the same way that a Sat-Nav does.

Many drivers these days are reluctant to head out on a long journey without a little assistance from technology along the way, so why not buy a new iPhone 5 for exactly this purpose? The handset makes use of GPS to track your location at any given moment so when you’re on the road it is able to tell you that a turn off is coming up and if you do mistakenly head off track help to get you heading in the right direction again.

One app that might be well worth downloading for exactly this purpose is Google Maps.  The reliable mapping service has most of the globe covered, so whether you are simply looking for the quickest route to the local shops or planning a trip that is likely to take a number of hours, it will probably have it covered. Those looking for a slightly more dedicated road navigation service might find it is worth investing in a paid for App, which are provided by the likes of TomTom, CoPilot and Navigon.

Of course, even the best prepared drivers may find that they encounter some problems during their journey, be it horrendous traffic jams or worse still a breakdown. With this in mind, it might be worth considering the Green Flag Rescue Me app, which for customers makes it easy to notify the recovery service of their exact location and also offers UK road traffic updates.

iPhone 5 users may even be able to save themselves a little cash thanks to the DriveGain app, which is available free from the AppStore. This handy application has a number of features, such as monitoring driving efficiency and offering hints and tips to help users improve this. Ultimately, it could mean your petrol costs are slashed.