Language Learning – Some Smart Things To Do To Make It Easier

One of the most delightful ways to spend time is to go in for a language learning course. Regardless of what language you are trying to learn, it can be an extremely interesting experience to go through classes where you learn by speaking a foreign language out loud.
Of course, there are plenty of hilarious incidents where you might pronounce many words wrong before you get them perfectly right.
There are also many ways in which you can learn a foreign language.
The Internet is a fabulous source of such information. You could also join up in brick and mortar classrooms!
But regardless of the method that you choose, you can do a few things “right” and learn the smart way of language learning.
Overcoming mental blocks
One of the biggest reasons why most people hold back from language learning is the emotional or mental block that they may have. Some of the ways in which such a mental block will manifest itself are:

  • Embarrassment at pronouncing words incorrectly
  • Fear of failure
  • Hesitation in getting the essentials of language; such as grammar; incorrect
  • Confusion about which language to learn and how

The easiest way to overcome such mental blocks is to always remember that almost all your “classmates” are in the same boat.
And it is only by making mistakes and treating them with just a bit of lightheartedness, that you will go on to learn and master the language.
You can always turn to the Internet which will give you one on one learning sessions where you can at least gain a modicum of confidence before trying your skills in the real world.
The power of silence and listening
One of the most important aspects of a conversation is the power to listen. This means that you do what is known as active listening.
Play audio tapes of the language that you wish to learn. Sit in silence and listen to the way the narrator or the speaker uses words.
Intonations, nuances in speech, accents, slang and even idioms are something which can you pick up only as time goes by and if you are receptive to the same.
Read out loud
When you get your language or study materials, you also need to get the practice of reading out loud. You could even record yourself during such reading so you can hear what you sound like.
Reading out loud will also give you a better comfort level with the words of a foreign language.
And your tongue will learn how to wrap itself around words that are essentially alien to you at the beginning of your language learning process.
Use technology and the Internet
Thanks to the Internet, plenty of things have been made extraordinarily easy. Same is the case with language learning.
You could thus use technology and the Internet and do several things:

  • Download extra reading material by way of e- books
  • Watch as many foreign news channels as possible
  • Log onto video websites such as YouTube to get a sense of how people use language
  • Use free dictionaries to get a holistic understanding of a word or a sentence

James is a writer and blogger with 5 years experience.