Are Collectible Items Appropriate Gifts For Children?

How many times, as children, did we receive a gift either at Christmas or for a birthday and were told to ‘look after it, as it will be very valuable one day.’ Chances are that it happened quite a lot, and that we ignored said advice because we wanted to play with it. It is a toy, after all! Proving that humans have the stunning capacity to learn yet still repeat mistakes, we then do the same thing with our children. Furthermore, we become frustrated with them because that collectible doll we have just given them would have been worth a fortune in twenty years’ time.

Collectibles for Kids

This brings us neatly to the point around collectibles for children. While they come across as a thoughtful gift, although usually this is by the person buying it, there is a question mark over how practical they are.
Take a trip back in time to your own childhood. You have been waiting for the special day for weeks and your excitement is uncontrollable, you tear off the wrapping paper, and there it is! The action figure or doll that you have been asking for, and were convinced that you wouldn’t get. Then comes the killer blow: don’t tear the packet, because it will take away from the value when you come to sell it.
Seriously, if people want to give children something that will be of financial benefit in years to come, they should really consider paying some money into a savings account or a trust fund. Children are rarely able to comprehend the thought of keeping something in mint condition, and that isn’t going to change. Those who really want to buy a particular collectible for a child should buy two – one to play with and the other for the parents to look after so it stays in its box.
It isn’t difficult to understand that kids see toys as toys, and that adults should treat them that way, too. Does this mean collectible type gifts are never appropriate for children?

Getting it Right

Collectibles can actually work when someone has entered their teenage years. At this stage, children have probably grown out of creating action scenes with their favourite Marvel figures, or having a tea party with their best doll.
As children mature, they will also be a lot more understanding of the value of items as well as the importance of looking after these carefully.
Are collectibles appropriate for children? Yes, as long as they have grown out of seeing everything as a toy. Younger ones should be allowed to enjoy toys for what they are, and not feel under pressure to keep it in immaculate condition.
This article was written by A Girl for All Time. A Girl for All Time provides award-winning collectible dolls, as well as novels and keepsake books targeted at girls between the ages of six and twelve.