Sports and Social Media – Cross Promotion at Its Best

Social media and sports have led to viewership and advertisement revenues skyrocketing. When one misses a match, they can get filled in on social media as a result of the ease with which information is shared. Facebook and Twitter news feeds contain that big goal kick in yesterday’s last minutes of the game.

Social media and sports are complimented and cross-promoting each other in the following ways.

Never underestimate the Power of Social Media Trends

During Euro 2012, Wayne Rooney had a rapid increase in fan presence, which is a social trend. Social networks have a snowballing effect on current and popular events.

Many avid sport fans helped create a ‘trending’ term, with Euro 2012 underway, thanks to string theory. Increase in fan activity helps advertising firms and brand managers to capitalize on trending terms. Facebook is a powerhouse when it comes to the creation of social trends. This should be an eye opener for marketing ideas in sports.

Social Media allows Professional Players to Stay Connected with Fans more than ever

Social media allows players to get feedback on their performance, which helps them improve their skills, for instance Kevin Pietersen who is a former Test batsman, invites feedback. He tweets during pre-game intervals, and he gets a lot of viewers for an impending game. Match discussions are no longer confined to TV and print, traditional media outlets. The players are able to easily interact with fans on a personal level. The fans feel really motivated to have their idol talk to them at a personal level.

Social Media Drives Viewership Levels and Ticket Sales

Major sports broadcasters, for instance, ESPN, offer live streaming of games on the internet for social media butterflies to keep an eye on. At least 1 in 3 people follow the game on their mobile devices. ESPN reported a 210% increase in viewership from the last tournament in 2008.

Ticket sales have increased by 3 times as social media pages promote teams and individual sporting personality coverage 24 hours a day. The use of Sweepstakes applications as well as fan pages on Facebook has cultivated a renewed interest in sports, even among people who are not traditional sports followers. The big question is whether Social Media headed for a Stock MarketBurst.

Social media and sports have proved to be a marriage made in heaven. Social media firms and advertising agencies should utilize them for maximum benefit.

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