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Okay, so I wanted to cover this as I have been looking into it extensively when I was looking for a new USB stick and an External hard drive to store all of my personal data on. I knew that DVD’s were kind of outdated for this and also knew securing my data was crucial for my business. I found two amazing products that were produced by Ironkey and I wanted to review them both, now I am in no way affiliated with Ironkey so this is my own personal view!

The USB Memory Stick

usb memory

When scouring the internet looking for a new USB stick I stumbled upon this great stick by pure chance as I read a news article which you can see here. I looked into it and was absolutely amazed and found it was by far the best on the market! If you want a stick with maximum security then this is it, the sticks are secured with military grade encryptions and can be accessed and disabled wirelessly, incase anyone has stolen it or you have simply misplaced it.

– Features

  • Encrypted data
  • Ability to disable the stick wirelessly
  • Comes with a control panel
  • Easy to manage

To buy this stick you will need to find a reseller merchant which is not too hard in the states, just go to their website and check which one is local to you!

The External Hard Drive


Again this thing is secure as hell! It has a fingerprint scanner for goodness sakes, for that extra layer of security! As for physical security it comes with a layer of high-strength aluminium, which cuts down on the breaking of the actual drive itself and also adds that extra layer of protection to your data incase of it being dropped.

– Features

  • Very secure with an outer-layer of aluminium
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • All software resides on drive so it leaves no trace on host computers
  • Protected from dropping from certain heights

Again to buy this you would need to find a local reseller to pick one up, they are ot cheap but hell! They will last a long time!

Bio: If none of these are in your price range you can also turn to by Citrix, who are very cheap and extreamely good at looking after data, you can also access it from anywhere in the world!


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