Future Of Call Centres Is In Philippines

If you want to outsource your business’ helplines to a great professional call centre you need to look to the Philippines. If you are a call centre then you also might want to consider tapping in to the huge boom that is going on at the moment in the country. Philippines have overtaken India in the number of call centre businesses and they are growing fast.
Call centres in Philippines are growing because there is a great professional workforce in the country. The area is also something that the whole government is pushing forward, with plans to educate people in call centre and telemarketing at the universities. They have many things on their side at the moments. The country has a lot of population willing to work hard, they have great English language skills and there is a growing professionalism and urge to go forward present. So if you have been looking into the field you should look no further but make your aim directed to Philippines.
It is estimated that the country might profit around $15 billion from call centres in a few years. This surely makes it a great lucrative business area. And currently there still seems to be room for emerging businesses as well, even though there are few major players out there. So if you have expertise in the area you should look into what you can do to be part of building this great future. There are many people that have also taken managerial roles in the country and been part of building the success story. For instance a lot of Indians have gone to work in Philippines, and perhaps have helped to country to achieve so much so quickly.

Top 5 Companies to Look For

If you are looking for a great call centre in Philippines to help out your business you should check out one of these. They are the biggest growing and best call centres in the country currently and can be of use to you and your company.


This call centre has been rapidly growing and is one of the fastest growing in the country. They have been able to tap into the emerging markets really well and are worth a consider.

West Services

The winner of the 2009 Employer of the year award, West Services offers great services especially for automated voice services.


One of the leading companies providing services in the fields of human resources. It is also one of the biggest call centres in the whole world.


This international call centre also has its foot in the Philippines. A great experience you are sure to get a good and reliable service for your money.


Telus is another great established company with a good reputation in the IT sector and is one of the great choices available if you choose to look into the Philippines.


Another great call centre in Philippines that has good quality expertise in the field of technical areas and IT support.