Social Media Etiquette: Avoid These Faux Pas to Grow your Audience

Social media has gained in momentum. So, has its users that have risen exponentially ever since the Internet has got 50 million users in the United States alone way back in 1997. Say for example, Social media giant, Facebook had got 100 million American users from the period between January 2009 to January 2010, a remarkable growth rate of 145%, as per the market survey conducted by digital marketing firm iStrategy Labs.

Though the world of social media is still an untapped business watering hole, yet most of the users aren’t exactly aware of the best etiquettes to get past the others and reach out to larger online audience. One of the main reasons behind their failure is social media faux pas which they need to avoid no matter what.
Social media blunders to stay away from
Here are some of the mistakes social media users should steer clear of to reap maximized benefits out of their online marketing efforts:
  • Display some personality- There are some business organizations that have a wrong notion about the way a group of people represent their business online that belong to their niche. Irrespective of the number of people involved in such an activity, every other company usually posts or tweets in a similar voice which shouldn’t be the case.
These are done either via a self-made mascot or a persona or may be by the use of a tone or language that conforms to the company’s motto. Though it might work for some companies, yet that doesn’t in any case imply that the same will happen for you as well. So, it is better to train your employees regarding the dos and don’ts and then allow them to work independently.
  • Steer away from broken record syndrome-  If you aren’t comfortable to discuss a matter in person, then why would you do the same online? Repeating your views or posts in the company’s blog or tweeting about them will show you in poor light, as someone who is a neophyte.
This will alienate your present as well as prospective followers. So, if you’ve got your social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter synced, then make sure that it doesn’t end up being redundant, embarrassingly.
  • Get a social media promotion plan- You just can’t afford to use the social networking websites because they are so easily available at your disposal. In order to make them work the best for your company’s brand, you must have a clear idea of how to reach out to a wider audience and in turn further your company’s marketing as well as customer service strategy.
For this, you’ll have to keep in touch with your employees and inform them about your social media marketing objective.
However, you must coach your employees not only about business strategies but also about life skills. This will prevent you from landing at a tight spot at a later stage.